5 Soft Skills You Could Gain from Online Automotive Training and Add to Your CV

Online learning offers you lots of comfort and flexibility, but it can also offer much more. In fact, doing online automotive training can help teach you skills that are strongly valued by employers and can benefit you while working in the industry. Better yet, you can include them in your CV when you start looking for employment!

Whether it’s being adaptable to changes and new ways of doing things, or being well-organized and able to effectively manage your time, soft skills you learn in online classes can serve you just as well in the automotive world. Here are five examples of soft skills your online automotive training can help give you!

Adaptability: Just as Important in an Online Class as in the Shop

During your career as an automotive service technician, the technology you use and approach you take to repairs can change and evolve over time. You’ll need to learn how to adapt to these changes so you can get jobs done efficiently, even if they involve methods that were previously unfamiliar to you. Similarly, doing online classes means you need to change the study behaviours you’re used to and adapt to digital learning so you can use it to your advantage.

Problem-Solving: Finding What’s Stopping the Job from Getting Done

Any automotive worker will set themselves up to succeed if they’re able to quickly and efficiently detect problems with vehicles, and find solutions that will save the client as much money as possible while also getting the job done. 

The ability to problem-solve is a crucial part of success in the automotive world

While taking online classes, you can build your problem-solving capabilities through how you manage your responsibilities between your classes, work life, and family life, as well as how you tackle more complex assignments.

Communication: Necessary During and After Online Automotive Training

When taking online classes, you learn to develop your communication skills in a different way. Since you aren’t interacting with instructors or fellow students in person, you learn how to do so in ways that aren’t very traditional, expanding your ability to communicate effectively. 

You may also boost these skills through group discussions or presentations. As an auto service technician, you’ll need to easily explain to clients what fixes need to be done for their car, and how the process will work. You’ll also need to be able to communicate clearly and efficiently with your coworkers, suppliers, and insurance companies to ensure jobs go as smoothly as possible.

Self-motivation is essential for success in online training and in the industry

Organization: Keeping Things Well-Managed in Class and On the Job

Students doing their online automotive training will need to juggle their assignments, deadlines, and exam dates so they do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done. This is on top of any responsibilities they may have outside of the course. 

Likewise, an automotive worker needs to manage their time effectively on the job, and to keep their workspace neat and tidy. In doing this, they’ll be able to know exactly where their tools are, and find the right ones quickly. The organizational skills you learn while studying online will help you build good habits that you can keep throughout your career.

Motivation: Being a Self-Starter as a Student and an Auto Professional

Completing online classes involves a fair amount of self-discipline. Since you are in control of your learning and how you get things done, you’ll need to be able to motivate yourself in the absence of a typical classroom structure. It goes without saying that staying motivated to get the job done is essential for your automotive career, too, as you’ll need to display a commitment to completing tasks efficiently and as quickly as possible.

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