The 5 Skills that Help Grads of Dispatch Courses Reach the Top of Their Profession

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Dispatchers are the backbone of the transportation industry, and play a key role in ensuring that drivers are safe and accounted for, as well as that valuable goods are delivered to destinations. After graduating from their training, new dispatchers can focus on certain skills to improve their job performance and make their way up the professional ranks.

1. Communication Is Key in Dispatcher Training

In order to get drivers and goods where they need to go, dispatchers should have excellent communication skills, which you can build upon during your dispatcher training. Your day-to-day work as a dispatcher will require constant interaction with clients, drivers, and personnel, and the ability to make yourself understood clearly is a valuable asset to focus on when beginning your career in the transportation industry.

There are times, however, when communication is not only necessary but crucial, such as alerting drivers to incoming problems on the road or addressing a serious emergency situation. A dispatcher who is not only calm and collected, but coherent and well-spoken will stand out to their employers, and may make the difference when it comes time for a promotion in the office.

2. Response Time and Technical Know-How

The nature of the beast in transportation is that it is a working environment which is constantly moving. This requires dispatchers to be ready to handle problems as they arise. Advances in technology have given dispatchers many useful tools to keep in immediate contact with their drivers, whether it’s checking in to make sure they are on-schedule or alerting them to road conditions.

Dispatchers should be ready to respond quickly and keep up-to-date with technology
Dispatchers should be ready to respond quickly and keep up-to-date with technology

In order to be used properly and guarantee a good response time, dispatchers should be comfortable with operating a variety of electronic devices, from walkie-talkies and radios to computers and mobile phones. The last thing you want to happen in case of an emergency is to not be able to communicate with a driver, or be unavailable if they try to contact you.

3. Navigate Your Responsibilities

Being mindful of the duties that are expected from your job is a good skill for any employee, but it is especially relevant for dispatchers, who are often the points of contact that drivers depend on. Learning how to prioritize and manage your responsibilities will help your overall job performance, and make you stand out to your bosses as a professional and responsible worker who is capable of handling a managerial position.

4. Be Sure to Stay Organized

One of the most important responsibilities for any dispatcher is to ensure the safety of the drivers. A key skill that will help you keep track of your incoming and outgoing calls, as well as files containing vehicle information, accessible routes, and billing information, is to be organized. Whether that means keeping a clean workspace, alphabetizing files, or tidying up old records, having your resources readily available will save you time and effort, as well as help your work run smoothly. If you are organized and ready for any situation, your preparedness not only makes your life easier, but your boss’ as well, and they will be sure to take notice.

5. Hone Your Eye for Detail in Your Dispatcher Courses

A successful dispatch course will ensure that you develop a good attention to detail. This skill is vital to your success on the job because a dispatcher is often the central point of a great deal of incoming and outgoing information. Paying attention to your work, even if it’s a small task, will help you avoid any mistakes that may have major consequences. A slight spelling error, for instance, might send a driver to the wrong location, which creates a problem that wouldn’t have happened if the dispatcher was mindful of the task at hand. You can save yourself and your supervisors the headache, improving your performance and getting you that much closer to a promotion.

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