5 Simple Engine Modifications Car Repair Experts Make to Improve Performance

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Auto mechanics can make a number of simple modifications to cars to improve performance

Auto mechanics often deal with customers who aren’t happy with their car’s performance. While many drivers are content with a stock factory model, auto enthusiasts are always looking for ways to increase speed, boost handling, and make their overall driving experience more satisfying.

Fortunately, there are plenty of things auto mechanics can do to help. Even if a customer is unable to afford expensive modifications like superchargers or onboard computer tune-ups, a good mechanic will still be able to recommend a number of easy and cheap changes that can completely transform the driving capabilities of even of the most ordinary vehicle.

Want to know some simple ways you can improve car performance? Read on to find out.

1. Car Repair Experts Can Improve Airflow by Adding a Cold Air Intake

Air temperature can seriously affect engine performance, and it’s well worth investing in a cold air intake kit to help bring more cold air into an internal combustion engine. Since cold air is denser than hot air, it helps the engine breathe more easily and improves efficiency. Best of all, a good kit costs only a few hundred dollars and can be installed in under an hour.

2. An Exhaust Upgrade Can Make a Huge Difference to Auto Performance

Another upgrade that students in auto repair programs might want to consider is a cat back exhaust, which is a specially engineered high-performance exhaust system that helps air escape from the engine more efficiently, maximising horsepower and fuel economy. The system is installed behind the catalytic converter, and replaces the stock muffler and exhaust pipe.

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Upgrading a car’s exhaust system can help it perform better

3. Car Repair Experts Install Strut Tower Braces for Better Handling

If a customer is looking to improve their car’s cornering ability, you might suggest installing a strut tower brace. This easy modification is simply a bar attached to the front shocks, which helps to stiffen the front suspension so force is distributed more evenly during high speed turns.

4. Consider Installing New Polyurethane Bushings for Older Cars

When dealing with older cars, replacing the worn out rubber bushings in the control arms and anti-sway bars of the suspension system with new polyurethane ones can often make a huge, immediate difference to performance. Polyurethane bushings provide added strength and better energy absorption, and can instantly improve a customer’s driving experience.

5. Students in Auto Repair Programs Know to Replace Sparkplugs Regularly

Another simple but valuable tip many car repair experts offer for improving performance is to replace sparkplugs regularly. Older sparkplugs wear out and force the vehicle’s ignition coils to work harder in order to produce a spark. By replacing them every 80,000 kilometers, you allow the engine to get more air and recover lost horsepower, all at a very low cost.

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Replacing spark plugs can help keep a car performing well

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