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Service Operations Jobs

Automotive Service Operations Careers

In today’s highly competitive business environment, customer service is often the deciding factor when a customer makes a buying decision. That’s why the prime employers of auto service personnel – car dealerships, auto service locations and aftermarket centres — place such a high priority on finding good candidates for auto service jobs. That means anyone with formal customer service training delivered by experienced auto industry professionals are in high demand – exactly what you can expect from Automotive Training Centres.

Any job in the services sector is a good bet because government statistics show that a lot of retirements (about 45%) are expected in “Sales & Service” and “Business, Finance and Administration” over the next five years. That means almost one out of every two jobs in those sectors will need to be filled by new employees. Better still, Canada is expected to generate one million new jobs over the next five years – and 75% of those jobs will be in the service sector. In short, if you want to increase your chances of getting employed – and staying employed – Auto Service Jobs makes good sense.

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Why Choose ATC?

Here are 3 reasons to choose Automotive Training Centre

Smaller classes for better learning outcomes

Flexible schedule: study while you work

Professional real world, industry experienced instructors

Intense hands-on training so you can master your skill set

Kevin Holter

The practicum is very important. It is your chance to see how a shop runs and they should all consider it to be the worlds longest job interview. I was hired at Auto West BMW which was a very good success for me and I owe it all too hard work and ATC.

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