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If you are interested in becoming an Automotive Refinisher in British Columbia, you need to be certified as an Automotive Refinishing Prep Technician before you start a Refinishing (Automotive Painter) apprenticeship. Certification involves completion of 1 level of practical assessment and examination and 5,280 work-based hours.

In British Columbia, the Refinishing Prep Technician is a recognized trade with the Industry Training Authority. To be certified, you will need to complete 1,680 work-based hours and 1 level of practical assessment and examination.

In British Columbia, the Auto Body Repair Technician (Motor Vehicle Body Repairer) occupation is a recognized trade with the Industry Training Authority. You will need to complete 6,750 work based hours and 3 levels of practical assessments and examinations to become a Journeyperson.

“The Interprovincial Standards “Red Seal” Program defines an apprenticeship as “An agreement between a person (an apprentice) who wants to learn a skill and an employer who needs a skilled worker — “earning while learning.” Apprenticeship is a proven industry-based learning system that combines on-the-job experience with technical training to produce a certified journeyperson. Upon completion of the specified training period, apprentices receive a Certificate of Qualification. On average, 85% of the apprentice’s two to five years of training is spent in the workplace; the rest is spent at a training institution.”

Apprentices who have obtained status as a certified journeyperson in their Province or Territory are able to obtain a “Red Seal” endorsement on their Certificates of Qualifications by successfully completing an Inter-Provincial Standards Examination and by having the correct amount of documented work-based hours for that trade.

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