What Students in Dispatcher Training Need to Know About Transport Canada

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While each individual province has its own transportation department, Transport Canada plays an important role regulating and monitoring the interprovincial trucking industry and improving safety conditions across Canada.

As a future dispatcher, changes Transport Canada makes in the industry could affect how you perform your role. By implementing and shaping new laws and regulations, and working to improve the industry as a whole, Transport Canada could bring about some significant changes throughout your career. In order to stay up to date on industry trends, it’s important for dispatchers to be aware of Transport Canada’s ongoing role in the transportation industry.

If you’re interested in becoming a dispatcher, read on to learn more about Transport Canada.

Transport Canada Helps Regulate the Trucking Industry for Pros With Dispatcher Training

Transport Canada is an important force in the Canadian trucking and transportation industry. Not only does it have the responsibility of creating and implementing new laws that truck drivers and dispatchers need to be aware of, it also ensures that transportation in Canada is safe, efficient, secure, and clean. Transport Canada is a part of the Canadian Federal Government, but will often work alongside provincial transportation authorities to bring about changes.

By implementing different measures, Transport Canada aims to:

  • Create an efficient flow of goods and people throughout the country
  • Prevent accidents and stop people from being exposed to dangerous goods
  • Preserve the environment by reducing pollution created by transportation activities
  • Improve quality of life for Canadians and contribute to a stronger economy

Transport Canada also works hard on research and development activities in order to gain new knowledge and develop technology that can improve Canada’s transportation sector. Throughout your career as a dispatcher, you may come to see some new changes from Transport Canada implemented by the transportation industry.

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Transport Canada promotes innovation in the trucking sector

Students in Dispatcher Training Should Know Transport Canada Promotes Safety

Transport Canada plays an important role in promoting safety, which experienced dispatchers know is paramount in the trucking industry. It does so in three specific ways. The first is through rule making. In fact, Transport Canada actively participates in investigating and passing new laws, putting regulations in place, and formulating new standards and policies regarding transportation. Transport Canada’s Motor Carrier Division, in particular, is responsible for creating rules that govern federally-regulated professionals with careers in the auto industry, which could impact the way you schedule shipments during your career.

The second way Transport Canada promotes safety is through oversight. Licenses, certificates, and permits overseen by Transport Canada ensure that professionals like truck drivers are properly equipped and authorized to do their jobs. In addition, Transport Canada also performs inspections, audits, and surveillance as part of its role.

The last way Transport Canada promotes safety is through outreach. Its outreach initiatives involve promoting safety and security practices, as well as educating the public.

Transport Canada Helps Keep the Canadian Transport Industry Competitive

Safety isn’t Transport Canada’s only priority, though; it also works to keep Canada’s transport industry effective and competitive in today’s global marketplace, which is an important factor in ensuring job security for students in dispatcher training.

Fortunately, its efforts are paying off. According to current outlooks, “over the period 2015-2024, new job openings (arising from expansion demand and replacement demand) are expected to total 11,200, while 10,500 new job seekers (arising from school leavers, immigration and mobility) are expected to be available to fill them.”

Transport Canada Oversees the Transportation of Dangerous Goods

After dispatcher training, you may work for a company that transports dangerous goods. Transport Canada plays an important role in ensuring that dangerous goods are shipped safely and efficiently. In fact, the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act is responsible for regulating how dangerous products are allowed to be shipped on Canadian roads by truck drivers.

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Transport Canada regulates the transportation of dangerous goods

Transport Canada regulates nine types of dangerous goods including explosives, gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, oxidizing substances, poisonous substances, radioactive materials, corrosives, and miscellaneous products.

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