Auto Mechanic Jobs in Vancouver

The automotive industry is changing. Several forces are driving these changes. Key factors include:

  • Advances in automotive technology which requires advance training to properly diagnose and repair today’s cars
  • Environmental concerns which forces car manufacturers to produce more fuel efficient vehicles and demands up to date auto mechanic training
  • Consumers are keeping their cars longer because of the financial crisis we are in. This in turn creates more auto mechanic jobs to keep these cars running properly
  • Steady retirement of the baby boomer generation which creates a large labour void in the automotive mechanic trade

These factors combine to create a steady flow of Auto Mechanic Jobs in Vancouver.

According to the government of Canada, more than one-third of jobs created in Canada will require a skilled-trade designation or a college diploma.

Vehicles themselves are also changing and becoming more complex. As a result, auto mechanics have become increasingly specialized. A combination of sophisticated designs and manufacturing, consumer demand and ever growing environmental concerns has fuelled a new generation of vehicles. The growing complexity of automotive technology means that cars must be serviced by skilled Automotive Mechanics

Formal training is essential to learning the auto mechanic trade. Technicians can now opt to specialize in certain systems like transmissions or electrical because of the intricacy each has developed. It is like becoming a Doctor!

We are faced with an aging population and many of Auto Mechanics will be entering retirement. Also many senior auto mechanics are not interested in training for the new generations of vehicles. All these factors combine to create thousands of Auto Mechanic Jobs in Vancouver.

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