What is the average Auto Mechanic salary in Vancouver?

The typical Auto Mechanic Salary in Vancouver BC can vary depending on skills and experience. While Auto Mechanics are usually paid hourly, some highly skilled Automotive Mechanics are guaranteed a minimum weekly salary. Some shops also offer commission incentives. On average, an auto mechanic earns a salary between $45,000 and 70,000 per year plus benefits.

It’s no secret to a car lover like yourself – Vehicles are important to people. Vehicles play a key role in lifestyles across the globe and it seems they will continue to in the future. Many households now own multiple cars and due to the recession, they keep them longer. This means increased business for the automotive service and repair sector and more employment opportunities for all auto mechanics.

According to Statistics Canada, 96% of those employed in the automotive mechanic trade work full time and the average auto mechanic salary is experiencing growth.

One of the benefits of becoming an Auto Mechanic is the ability to “earn while you learn.” During the auto mechanic apprenticeship period, you will work in an automotive repair shop, where you will earn a good living while mastering the auto mechanic trade and working towards your automotive mechanic journeyman credentials.

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