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Financial Aid for Auto Mechanic Students

There is an old expression: “The greatest investment you can make is in education”. What does that mean to you?

Automotive Training Centres wishes to provide all students with a chance to pursue their passion. We refuse to let financial issues dictate your career choice, which is why we support financial aid programs and provide support to our students during the application process. Loans, grants, and other financial assistance may be available to those who qualify. 

Increased Payment Flexibility

Your education is an investment. Here are ways we try to give you as much payment flexibility as we can to help you succeed:

  • Customized financing plans: During our first meeting, we sit down with you to decide on a financing plan. We always provide customized plans that are adapted to your financial situation.
  • Flexible plans: We refuse to let our students quit if they are faced with financial problems, so we make sure that our customized plans can be adapted to your budget if a problem occurs. Once again, our goal is to ensure our students’ success at all costs!

Take a Shortcut into the Job Market and Quickly Make your Diploma Profitable

Automotive Training Centre’s programs are designed to put you on the path to your dream job as fast as possible. That is why all of our vocational programs are no longer than 10 months! That way, you are on a fast track training program learning essential skills that employers are demanding today. While other educational institutions offer similar programs taught in 1 to 3 years, at Automotive Training Centres, you will increase the profit of your investment by being in the market sooner, be employed and start earning money sooner! Some of our programs also include paid practicums, during which you will not only get the chance to gain hands-on experience and develop your professional network, but also to earn a living while studying.

Stop waiting! Contact us today to learn more about our terms of payment!

Kevin Holter

The practicum is very important. It is your chance to see how a shop runs and they should all consider it to be the worlds longest job interview. I was hired at Auto West BMW which was a very good success for me and I owe it all too hard work and ATC.

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