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Heavy Vehicle Systems (Basics and Advanced)
(New Program) (460 hours)
499.00 CAD
Engine Performance - Sensor and Ignition System
(New Program) (41 hours)
350.00 CAD
Engine Management Simulation
(New Program) (25 hours)
299.00 CAD
Heavy Vehicle Systems (Specialist)
(New Program) (270 hours)
399.00 CAD
Engine Performance - Fuel Injection
(New Program) (20 hours)
299.00 CAD
Diesel Engine Operation, Service and Repair
(New Program) (40 hours)
499.00 CAD
Hybrid & Electric Vehicles
(New Program) (37 hours)
499.00 CAD
Electrical Fundamentals
(New Program) (29 hours)
325.00 CAD
Electrical Advanced
(New Program) (65 hours)
425.00 CAD
Brake Systems & ABS
(New Program) (19 hours)
375.00 CAD
Suspension Alignment
(New Program) (7 hours)
200.00 CAD
Air Conditioning
(New Program) (30 hours)
325.00 CAD
Distance Transportation Safety Supervisor
(New Program)
2,744.00 CAD
Distance Automotive Service Technician Course 999.00 CAD
Distance Auto Body Collision Estimator Course 2,345.00 CAD
Distance Automotive Business Manager 2,288.00 CAD

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