For insurance claims markets the world over, the pressure is on to increase transparency, improve straight-through processing and provide world class customer service.

Audatex is the only provider actively driving claims solutions to meet this global demand. We focus on optimizing customer satisfaction and on improving claims process efficiency by tailoring global best practices to local markets.

As a technology innovator, consulting and shared services provider, Audatex improves performance and increases returns for our clients and their trading partners.

What is Electude

Electude is a company built on a belief that vocational education should be approached differently. For over 20 years, this belief has driven us to provide students with the most effective, engaging and enjoyable methods of learning.

Our people are true believers who have dedicated themselves to using technology to create the most effective and enjoyable methods of learning. We pride ourselves on equipping teachers and trainers with techniques, tools and training to give their students the best educational experience possible.

Our specialty is simulation-based, e-learning modules. Our students, who have grown up in the age of computers and video games, are instantly drawn to Argo’s unique 3D gaming concept inspired by the gaming industry.

And yes, Electude is now the world's leading automotive e-learning company.

Auto Jobs

By bringing together automotive industry employers and qualified candidates, Auto-jobs.ca has become the ideal job search site for automobile specialists.


Auto Parts Jarry Ltée. is Montreal’s leading specialist in the sale of accessories and parts for automobiles.


Mitchell's solutions simplify and automate each step in the processing of claims and collision repair. Their expertise helps automotive professionals increase their productivity, accuracy and efficiency.

Toyota MTL Nord

Offering multiple services, Toyota Montreal North is a leader in the sales and repair of new and used Toyota vehicles.

GROUP SPINELLI: An ELITE team, an Employer of choice!

Spinelli has been passionate about cars since 1922 and has developed a tradition of excellence. Proud of its 10 dealers and 2 body shops, Spinelli is the benchmark for quality in the automotive field in Montreal. Close to 500 employees ensure the smooth running of business operations, well established from downtown to the West Island.
Spinelli offers employment conditions among the most advantageous, coupled with continuing training plans and advancement opportunities for those who aspire to grow within the Group.
As a leader in our community, we take special pride in making every effort to act as a socially responsible corporate citizen. Spinelli is involved in a number of charities. Each year we contribute to more than 100 different organizations.

Canada Motor Jobs

Canada Motor Jobs strives to offer its user’s a recruiting site that provides an innovative and unique experience. We want to provide employers and job seekers in the automotive and related industries powerful user-friendly tools that deliver real results.
Our goal is to make our algorithms work for you.


NAPA AUTOPRO is a dedicated team of highly trained technicians using state-of-the-art technology who are ready to provide you with unequalled maintenance, quality customer care and a range of services designed to keep your vehicle young for a long, long time. Thanks to our unparalleled expertise and a commitment to going the extra mile, you can rest easy knowing that you and your car will be taken care of from start to finish.


Since 1984, NAPA AUTOPRO has been the place Canadian drivers turn to for mechanical repair and vehicle maintenance services. Today, we have over 600 locally owned and operated service centres across the country offering expert help on everything from tune-ups and brake work to air conditioning and suspension.

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