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Why Choose ATC?

Here are 5 reasons to choose Automotive Training Centre:

Here are 5 reasons to choose Automotive Training Centre:


 Sessions start every 4-6 weeks

Why wait until next September or January to start your training ? We’ve designed our sessions in such a way that you can begin studying in July, October or March. The Automotive Training Centre allows you to start when YOU are ready!


 Day and night classes make it easy to balance work and school

You don’t have to choose between work and school with our day and night schedule. You  can keep working full-time while you study!


 Intensive programs for quicker access to the job market

Whereas a vocational diploma takes more than a year to obtain, our intensive programs can be completed in less than 7 months. The intensive programs also include a 5-week paid internship, which will help you get your foot in the door and land your first job as a mechanic in your city. This way, you save a year over traditional training, which means when vocational school students get their diploma, you will already have one year of work experience behind you and you will already have started making a living.


At least 50% of our programs take place right in the auto shop

Our training is very hands-on. Our goal is to give you all the tools to perform your functions as a mechanic as fast as possible. Our instructors are certified and experienced mechanics who still work in the industry. We review our auto mechanic training program frequently to ensure that it is up to date so that our students are qualified for the current job market..


State-of-the-art auto repair shop

Our shop reflects the reality of today’s auto repair shops. The students have access to cutting-edge equipment and can work in an environment similar to what they will find in the job market. We also allow students to bring their own cars to perform repairs. We want students to work on real-life cases as much as possible.

Philippe Rufolo Auto Mechanic

À l’École de l’Automobile, si tu travailles fort, alors tu apprendras beaucoup. Les quatre heures de cours par jour passaient très vite et je serais resté plus longtemps. Cet horaire m’a toutefois permis d’occuper un emploi pendant mes études.

La bonne base que je suis venu chercher à l’École m’a donné le goût d’aller encore plus loin en faisant éventuellement des cours de niveau avancé au CPA. J’ai particulièrement appris beaucoup sur l’électricité, l’électronique et l’utilisation du scanneur. Maintenant j’aimerais en savoir davantage sur la transmission.

Mon professeur Michel a été excellent et je tiens à le remercier. Merci aussi à toute l’équipe pour tout ce que vous avez fait. Les 22 semaines de ma formation ont passé très vite et soyez certain que je reviendrai vous saluer !

Philippe Rufolo ,gradué en mécanique automobile

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