It pays to choose ATC’s Automotive Technology courses in Vancouver

Are you interested in pursuing a promising career that does not require a university degree? Then you will be interested in ATC’s wheel alignment courses. You will graduate as a Wheel Alignment and Brake Service Technicians Technician, a position with wide ranging employment opportunities, many entry level positions, advancement opportunities and specific duties. You could even start your own business and be your own boss!

Possible automotive wheel alignment employers

  • New car dealers
  • Retail automotive repair facilities
  • Custom and specialty shops
  • Heavy-duty truck repair facilities
  • Organizations with fleet vehicles

Entry-level automotive Technology occupational title

  • Shop Helper
  • Tire Installer
  • Lube Specialist
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Brake and Alignment Specialist

Typical duties for automotive technology Technicians

  • Test, diagnose, adjust and repair automotive systems, including brakes, suspension and steering, wheels, bearings, alignment, welding and manual drive train, axles, and tires
  • Align and balance wheels and tires
  • Perform oil and filter changes, cooling system flushes, and fuel system service
  • Automatic transmission service, flush and filter change
  • Complete maintenance inspection
  • Inspect and service hydraulic system components
  • Perform both manual and pressure bleeding of the hydraulic system
  • Perform a pre-alignment inspection
  • Perform metal jointing by soldering, brazing, gas welding and electric welding
  • Perform steel cutting with different thickness metals on a bench and overhead using a oxy/fuel torch
  • Service universal and CV joints
  • Service and test the batteries and charging and starting systems

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