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Automotive Sales Careers

Discover why it pays to invest in Car Sales Training from Automotive Training Centre

In today’s highly competitive automotive industry, success depends on having customer service staff that have the formal car sales training required to deliver and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. It’s also true that virtually 70 percent of all new jobs will require some form of post-secondary training.

Automotive industry management understands these trends and has responded by placing a high priority on finding well trained individuals who can sell a wide variety of products to today’s increasingly demanding customer.

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Why Choose ATC?

Here are 4 reasons to choose Automotive Training Centre

Smaller classes for better learning outcomes

Flexible schedule: study while you work

Professional real world, industry experienced instructors

Intense hands-on training so you can master your skill set

Alexandre Grégoire-Maltais Auto Mechanic

1. Why did you choose The Automotive Training Centre?

It’s faster than the DEP. I started in April, registered 1 month before, and there were no delays before starting the program.

2. How is the staff at The Automotive Training Centre?

The instructors teach well, answer all questions and give really clear explanations.

3. Who should attend The Automotive Training Centre?

Those who want to learn about automotive mechanics quickly.

4. Why would you recommend The Automotive Training Centre?

Because of the length of the program, especially for those who have a job or want to find a job in the field quickly.

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