Pardeep Gill |

October 2013


My name is Pardeep Gill, and I graduated from the Dispatching and Transportation Operations program at the Automotive Training Centre in March of 2013.

I very much enjoyed my time at the school, the interaction with my fellow students, and the guidance of my instructor, Lawrence Candiago, which was invaluable to me in my training.

I was employed directly from my practicum company, and after gaining experience that I needed, I moved on to Merchant’s Xpress as a main Dispatcher.  I love my new career, and find it fulfilling and rewarding.  I was offered Industry Standard wages from my start date because of the range and scope of my training at ATC, so the compensation was more than adequate and directly   related to my success in the program.  I look forward to   continuing my employment there into the future.

I wanted to say thanks to everyone at ATC for their help, I would encourage anyone with an interest in the transportation or dispatching fields to enroll in this program. 


Pardeep Gill

Graduate, Dispatching and Transportation Operations

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