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Gary Bruys


Gary Bruys


  • Automotive Service Operations Specialist
  • Computer Skills Training

Gary, a student from Salmon Arm was a truck driver with 30+ years experience who couldn’t keep driving due to a workplace injury. Gary took our Automotive Service Operations Specialist and our Computer Skills Training. Gary now works for the Auto Industry in Salmon Arm and happy with his new career.

Andrew Banaszek-Simone Automotive Technology

As I will be graduating on the 26th of July, I just wanted to thank my admissions rep – Paul Rizzuto for helping me with everything, from being the first person I’ve had contact with for enrolling me in the college and giving me advice when I needed it most regarding the paths that were available to me throughout my time here. The journey I had at the school was phenomenal and I’ve learned so much that it helped me kick-start my career in the best direction possible.

If anybody that I come into contact with is looking for a career in the automotive field, I will direct them to ATC because I know they will guide them in the right direction.

I will definitely keep in touch with ATC throughout my journey in the automotive trade.

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