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Steven Phillups


Steven Phillips


  • Transportation Logistics & Dispatching Specialist

“Hi everybody , I am excited to say I have just graduated from the Automotive Training Center with honors. In Dispatching and Transportation Operations.

I was first introduced to the school by Work Safe B.C. and at that time I was into my 9th year of a very severe low back injury I felt would never ever get better,and felt I was being pushed into a situation designed to fail from the start, but with the help from Work Safe BC my Dr.’s and the Cooperation of the Automotive Training Center I am walking tall with a very much improved outlook on life and an improved injury situation too.

I came into this thing thinking ,No way, I can’t do this, it’s not for me, I’m not cut out for this, its way out of my wheel house, you’ve got the wrong man. I’m not the office type, you know what I mean?
But as time went on ,I started having a lot of fun in class,the instructors here are the best,understanding an individuals needs and going out of their way to make it work for you ,meeting new and interesting people from all walks of life and some other students were also injured workers getting back into the work place, I wasn’t alone.
I really enjoyed my time spent here, I learned a lot that makes me of great benefit to many potential employers, I have more choices for jobs now than ever before, I can take my pick, and I have made my choice, I am a better man for it, Make your choice too, come to school here at the Automotive Training Center, it’ll change your life, I know it changed mine ..”

Maciej Buczek

I wanted to try this before; I actually had an ATC flyer and was looking into it. I had a secure job that paid well with union benefits. I got laid off with all the cutbacks that were happening. So I thought ok well I always wanted to try this so this was the time and I’ve loved ever since.

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