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Richard Petts


Richard Petts


  • Automotive Service Operations Specialist (26 weeks)

Richard took our Automotive Service Operations Specialist and successfully graduated in October 2017 with a great passing mark. Richard ranked in the top 3 students of his class. Richard has a background in Carpentry and worked for Toyota in their factory for a number of years.

Richard did his practicum at Richmond Auto Body (Open Road Auto Group) and even before he graduated he got a job offer.

Richard works manages the Detailing shop overseeing their day-to-day activities.

Another happy graduate

Jacob Linhares Auto Body Technician

Hi, my name is Jacob Linhares and I am a student soon to graduate at Automotive Training Centres Toronto.

When I first visited the college to enroll, I felt welcomed and excited. My first thought about this school was that this is a huge goal I had to achieve.

The staff and students I’ve met here are great people that gave me very positive energy to pursue my career. My instructor Dave is experienced and share his knowledge…I have learned so much and I am confident. I wish to be successful in this path and with all the help I am given at ATC, I will succeed. After I graduate from ATC, I wish to be a Licenced Technician and move up in the Automotive industry. I have opportunities already and can’t wait to work in a professional dealership and develop even further. Thank you ATC.

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