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Meena Dhillon


Meena Dhillon


  • Transportation Logistics & Dispatching Specialist

Her Testimonial: 

I would like to thank all the staff at ATC training center, for giving me the tools and knowledge to pursue a career in dispatch.  

I worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years. I decided to do a career change, and found the course to be great .  Coming from the industry I was in,  I didn’t realize how much I need to know.  I’ve learned so much about the laws of  transportation, so much about the job and being a dispatcher.  I’m able to take the knowledge I’ve learned and use it in my job. Not only did it help with working in the industry, it’s helped me have more confidence in myself to do the job.  

  Thank you

Meena Dhillon. 

Constantino Paterakis Auto Body Technician

Mon ami m’a recommandé L’École de L’Automobile. J’ai trouvé le personnel courtois. Je crois que tout le monde devrait aller étudier à L’École de L’Automobile, cela m’a permis de me trouver un emploi. Le type d’enseignement qui y est donné est l’avantage principal de fréquenter L’École, je suis reconnaissant envers L’École de L’Automobile.

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