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The Dispatching & Transportation Operations program at the Surrey Automotive Training Centre prepares students for entry into one of the largest industries in Canada; the transportation industry. With cutting-edge software and equipment, students in the program will develop the experience, skills and confidence needed to excel in demanding, high-level positions.

ATC Surrey’s Dispatching & Transportation Operations trains students for careers as:

  • Operations Managers
  • Logistics & brokerage
  • Local Dispatchers
  • Highway Dispatchers
  • Driver Managers/Trainers/Recruiters
  • Load Planners
  • Safety & Compliance Officers
  • Representatives
  • Log Book Auditors
  • Fleet Maintenances
  • Loss Prevention Administrators
  • Warehouse Supervisors
  • Customer Service Reps
  • Sales Reps

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Dianna Lifford

He had heard great reviews and knew of many successful Business Managers that had started with this course. Needless to say I took the course. Almost a year ago, I started an exhilarating new career path as a Business Manager thanks to Arlie and the Automotive Training Centre.

The interactive course provided me with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to begin this new career and to be productive within weeks of starting. Our class instructor was able to provide us with hands on knowledge from years of experience in the industry, as well as from different dealership roles, which was extremely helpful. Not only that, but the industry representatives, who attended the course, allowed me to begin a network for job searching. Within one week of completing the course I began my first day at Dennison Chevrolet.

Both my Business Manager partner and I are graduates of the Automotive Training Centre. We are both thrilled with the opportunities this career has provided so far and we look forward to a rewarding future.
Thanks ATC!!!


Dianna Lifford
Business/ Finance Manager
Dennison Chevrolet Ltd.

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