Collision Repair Trades at the Automotive Training Centre

The Collision Repair Trades faculty at the Automotive Training Centre provides a high-end career-training program designed to prepare students for a life-long career in collision repair.

In the ever-changing automotive industry, demand for collision repair has remained and will remain consistent in good times and bad. Put simply, accidents will always happen and cars are always going to collide. What this means is that there will always be a need for well-trained graduates of collision repair schools and career-training programs.

Collision Repair courses are held at ATC Surrey, the newest Automotive Training Centre campus. Situated on nearly 2 acres of land, the easily accessible and centrally located campus boasts over 15,000 square feet of progressive and cutting edge training facilities. Students in the Collision Repair Trades faculty will be full immersed, gaining hands-on experience with the latest equipment, software and tools.

Collision Repair Trades Programs at the Surrey Automotive Training Centre:
Prep and Auto Body Technician Training Vancouver

Cutting Edge Collision Repair Training
Students in the Collision Repair Trades faculty will learn the fundamentals of collision damage repair, collision damage estimating and more. Using interactive media and the latest industry standard software, students will develop the skills needed to properly complete a hand written or computerized damage report for auto body repair shops, insurance companies and fleet and rental outlets.

The Collision Repair Trades faculty combines classroom theory with shop practice, letting students gain priceless on-the-job experience and the confidence needed to perform in all aspects of collision repair.

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