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How Do Air Suspended Vehicles Actually Work? An Overview for Those in a Mechanic Program

A car without need of suspension? That might sound strange if you’re unaware of the notion—but it’s more doable than you think! While traditional suspension systems help keep cars safe,…
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In Auto Mechanic School? Here’s What Determines the Best Car for a Commuter

Certain vehicles are better suited for daily trips to and from the workplace, providing greater safety, security, cost-efficiency, and comfort. These are just some of the various qualities that can…
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The Volvo XC60 Is a Hybrid That Those with Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Training Should Know About

It’s no secret that hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular. Manufacturers are coming out with various models, equipped with compelling features and the latest tech to offer a…
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A Look at the History of “Unique” Vehicle Paint Colour Choices for Aspiring Auto Refinishing Prep Technicians

A car’s sleek design and impressive specs are always important features for both car buyers and enthusiasts to consider and discuss. However, a car’s paint job is something no one…
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What’s in a GPS? A List of Everything a Vehicle’s GPS System Should Have for Those in Auto Careers

In the old days, drivers really had to know where they were going before they got in their cars. The absence of smartphones meant having routes pre-planned, and asking for…
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