Andrew Hedrei |

I chose ATC because of the short term program and the fact that I needed the basic knowledge to be able to work on my own cars. The fact that it’s short term is a great motivation. The program has totally changed me. I’m not scared of anything in the car anymore. I’m not scared of doing work on my car because the course has given me confidence. I’m happy I did the course because I don’t need to go to a garage anymore, I know what’s going on with my car. If you don’t have the knowledge you could get it fast, it’s a very good preliminary short term intro to mechanics, and it will lead you to what you want to learn.

The instructors let you experiment. When you’re struggling with something they are there to support you and show you the tricks of the trade. They’ll give you the edge by showing you the information properly, slowly, safely. Everybody is helpful and on the same level, and everybody participates.  As for the students that are at ATC, they are very focused and are here for a reason: to start a career. I  met interesting people and made contacts. The most important part of the training is safety. People that love working with their hands and who are in between jobs should attend ATC.

ATC is amazing, I would do the course a second time.

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