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The Auto Sales and Leasing program at the Surrey Automotive Training Centre is an industry-tested training program, covering every aspect of the auto sales process. Students will learn how to sell both new and pre-owned cars and trucks by expertly assessing a customer’s wants and needs. Economic forecasts indicate that sales and service sectors are the leaders in new job creation and will account for 31% of all new jobs.

Auto Sales & Leasing training in Surrey can help you take advantage of the fact that:

  • There remains a strong demand for well-trained car salesmen
  • Potential salaries for salesmen can reach up to $100,000 a year
  • Sales in general remains a growing sector in the job market

Request your free automotive career information package today to take advantage of exciting career opportunities as an auto service specialist.

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Daniel Garofalo Automotive Service Technician

I chose ATC because it was a short 6 month course and I wanted to get the wheels of my career turning. 4 hours a day of in school, out in the market in 6 months: the main reasons why I chose ATC. It’s a short take and it let me be able to keep my daily routine. I recommend ATC for people that want to study in mechanic and that know the value of dollars. By going to private school, you have more chance to study with people like that: serious. If you can afford it, it’s definitely the way to go.

Daniel Garofalo, Graduate, Automotive Technician program,

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