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It’s no secret that the automotive world has been going through a seismic transition. As the industry moves more and more towards hybrid and electric cars, we’ve seen all kinds of exciting developments crop up and become more and more commonplace. 

With the hybrid and EV revolution already well under way, aspiring mechanics would do well to upgrade their skill set so that they can service these vehicles too. Do you want to gain the specialized skills needed to work on EVs and hybrids?

Learn more about our Introductory Course on Hybrid And Electrical Mechanics!

Develop the Skill Set You’ll Need for Both Today and the World of Tomorrow

The introductory course in hybrid and electric technology allows you to gain the skills you need to effectively repair EVs and hybrid cars. 

Courses will cover the following subjects:

Module 1: Introduction and Safety

Module 2: Technical Research and HV Circuit Systems
Module 3: Computer and Network Systems
Module 4: Motorization and Regenerative Systems
Module 5: High Voltage and Charging Systems
Module 6: Heating, Ventilation, and A/C

Discover Who We Are

We at Automotive Training Centres are dedicated to training the next generation in the automotive trades. Founded in British Columbia in 1985, with campuses now all over the country, ATC offers training programs that are constantly being updated to keep up with new developments within the field. Learn from experienced and qualified instructors in our hands-on environment. 

We’ve been working tirelessly over the years to help thousands of students prepare to launch their careers within the automotive industry. Working in collaboration with industry partners, Automotive Training Centres has perfected its training courses in order to provide students with the tools and technical knowledge necessary to start a promising career in the automotive industry.

Pardeep Gill Transportation Operations and Dispatching


My name is Pardeep Gill, and I graduated from the Dispatching and Transportation Operations program at the Automotive Training Centre.

I very much enjoyed my time at the school, the interaction with my fellow students, and the guidance of my instructor, Lawrence Candiago, which was invaluable to me in my training.

I was employed directly by my practicum company, and after gaining the experience that I needed, I moved on to Merchant’s Xpress as the main Dispatcher.  I love my new career and find it fulfilling and rewarding.  I was offered Industry Standard wages from my start date because of the range and scope of my training at ATC, so the compensation was more than adequate and directly related to my success in the program.  I look forward to continuing my employment there in the future.

I wanted to say thanks to everyone at ATC for their help, I would encourage anyone with an interest in the transportation or dispatching fields to enroll in this program.


Pardeep Gill

Graduate, Dispatching and Transportation Operations

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