Auto Mechanic Trade Schools In Vancouver, Toronto, Cambridge, And Montreal

Automotive Training Centres (ATC) offers courses and programs that are designed to give students the skills they need to become the best car experts out there. With full-time, part-time, and online study options ranging from mechanics to sales, car-lovers can choose which career program suits them best!

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Here are 4 reasons to choose Automotive Training Centre:

Toronto Programs

Cambridge, ON
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Students Testimonials

Hi, my name is Jacob Linhares and I am a student soon to graduate at Automotive Training Centres Toronto. When I first visited the college to enroll, I felt welcomed and excited. My first thought about this school was that…
Jacob Linhares Auto Body Technician
I graduated from the Transportation Operations & Dispatching course at Automotive Training Centre. I would recommend ATC to anyone who is looking for opportunities to learn relevant job skills in transportation. Thank you ATC for helping me change my career
Hatish Bhardwaj
As I will be graduating on the 26th of July, I just wanted to thank my admissions rep – Paul Rizzuto for helping me with everything, from being the first person I’ve had contact with for enrolling me in the…
Andrew Banaszek-Simone Automotive Technology
You can start at Automotive Training Centres – Toronto Campus! My Name is Shirley Wright and I did the Automotive Service Operations Specialist Program, which consists of Service Advising, Parts and Collision & Estimating. These modules gave me insight into…
Shirley Wright Auto Body Collision Estimator
1. When did you graduate from ATC? I’ve graduated from ATC . 2. Why did you choose ATC? For its short and hands-on training. 3. What are the people like at ATC? Everyone was really friendly. 4. What kind of…
Bhandari Dhaval Auto Mechanic
1. Why did you choose The Automotive Training Centre? It’s faster than the DEP. I started in April, registered 1 month before, and there were no delays before starting the program. 2. How is the staff at The Automotive Training…
Alexandre Grégoire-Maltais Auto Mechanic
I was looking for a school that offers intensive classes, because I’m a fast learner. The teachers at ATC are very experienced and have helped me a lot. ATC provided me with the confidence needed to find a new job.…
Alexandre Silveira
Allan Lin is a graduate from our Automotive Service Operations program. Allan successfully completed the program with honours and immediately went to work as a service advisor. Through hard work, determination and a good educational foundation in Automotive Services, Allan…
Allan Lin
My name is Amber Chursinoff-Myers and I am a recent graduate of the Automotive Service Technician Foundation program at the Automotive Training Centre. I started the course with a bit of mechanical knowledge and was expecting the other students to…
Amber Chursinoff-Myers Automotive Service Technician
I am one of the students of the Auto Detailing. I’ve completed my class successfully. My instructor’s name is Jason Zemaitis. He’s a great teacher and very knowledgeable of what he is doing in terms of showing and teaching overall.…
Amiraz Auto Detailing

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