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Job Opening: Automotive Technician Instructor

Automotive Technician Instructor Job Openings

Automotive Training Centre is a Registered Private Career College in the Toronto area that is looking for a Licensed (310S) Mechanic with over 5 years of experience (310S) with some teaching experience preferred.

Position Summary

Assist students to meet the learning objectives of their program of study through theoretical and practical applications and to provide advice and assistance with job search techniques and activities.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Acts as the educational leader in the classroom and ensures that the school’s program and curriculum are implemented in a way that achieves learning objectives and maximizes student-learning experiences.
  • Relates with students, staff, parents, public, industry members and government agencies.
  • Provides additional assistance to students who are having difficulty with the material of the program.
  • Working collaboratively with a team of educational professionals, assist in the development and implementation of program curriculums in order to improve student achievement and success.
  • Respects confidentiality in discussing clients, staff, volunteers, and corporate matters; also maintains confidentiality of corporate/project fiscal and personnel related information.
  • Provides referrals to prospective employers whose works conditions most closely match the student’s strengths and expresses neutral opinion towards prospective employers.
  • Provides students with job preparation training including resume development and interview skills training.
  • Develops, organizes and maintains long range and daily practical and technical instructional plans; including demonstrations of skills required in trade, and lectures on theory, techniques, and terminology.
  • Uses a variety of training strategies such as group work, lecture, mini-lessons, exploration, questioning, discussion, and other cooperative teaching techniques.
  • Plans and supervises work of students, individually or in small groups in the classroom and shop.
  • Tests and evaluates achievement of student in technical knowledge and trade skills using a variety of assessment and evaluation strategies at specified intervals throughout the program.
  • Prepares, submits and maintains records for student attendance, evaluations, report cards, discipline records, and documents required by the Government agencies using prescribed formats.
  • Applies appropriate consequences for inappropriate student behavior; keeps immediate supervisor well-informed of activities, results of efforts, problems identified/potential problems, etc.; recommends corrective actions to immediate supervisor.
  • Performs miscellaneous job- related duties as assigned.

Please email your resume to dpannunzio@autotrainingcentre.com

By applying to this position you are confirming you possess either a Canadian citizenship, permanent resident status or work permit.

Constantino Paterakis Auto Body Technician

Mon ami m’a recommandé L’École de L’Automobile. J’ai trouvé le personnel courtois. Je crois que tout le monde devrait aller étudier à L’École de L’Automobile, cela m’a permis de me trouver un emploi. Le type d’enseignement qui y est donné est l’avantage principal de fréquenter L’École, je suis reconnaissant envers L’École de L’Automobile.

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