BMW Designs the Ultimate Dream Car

What would your dream car look like? Seriously, if money wasn’t an issue and you had access to all of the skills and technology you needed, what kind of car would you build?

The thing with almost any auto service technician or other auto professionals in general is that we can picture our dream car in our minds but we can never really get it down on paper. We know exactly how the engine would be built, and we have a pretty good idea of the ratio of carbon fibre to steel on the auto body, but the hard part is turning an idea in our minds into an image that we can see.

Luckily, there are some dream cars that are being sketched up by the biggest pros in the business. Recently, a four-year-old named Eli dreamed up a car that was out of this world. His uncle shared Eli’s dream on the car blog Jalopnik, and people began pitching ideas of what the dream car would actually look like.

Eli imagined a 42 wheel, triple driver, 19 Porsche boxer engine car, and most importantly, with a huge trunk for toys.  Nicknamed the BMW 4219Eli, artists from around the globe shared their concepts.  When it caught the eye of BMW, they joined in on the project and took a stab at the design themselves. In the end, their designers came up with a pretty sweet looking ride, which they revealed on their US Facebook page.


With seven three-wheel axels and a triple steering system, BMW took inspiration from their M3 GT2 and set up a six front engine bay system with the rest tucked in the back. Did we mention Eli wanted a huge trunk just to fit all his toys? Massive vents keep the oversized toy trunk cool and giant spoilers make it race ready.

Let’s be honest: the car itself is insane, but we think that’s exactly what drew so many people to come together to bring Eli a little closer to his dream car.

In another story, an engineer decided to build his young son the ultimate toy car. With functional headlights, turn indicators, a push-button start, and a body made completely of carbon fiber, the mini car is based on the Tesla Model S. It may not have 42 wheels and 19 engines, but this mini-Tesla is a pretty sleek piece of work.

Now that you’ve grown up, are your auto mechanic courses getting you closer to building your dream car?

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