How You’ll Be Able to Help Friends and Peers With the Knowledge of a Mechanic Class

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Ever had a friend whose advice on cars you could really trust? Did you often ask them about how to best take care of your car, or troubleshoot some tricky problems? Maybe you even asked for their help when buying a car. It’s the kind of help that can make a big difference. And now that you’ve got some great auto repair knowledge of your own, you’re bound to also be a hot commodity within your circle of friends.

There are plenty of great ways to help out your friends with some of their car FAQs and concerns during your training and apprenticeship. Are you curious as to how? Read on to learn more!

Use Your Mechanic Knowledge to Help Friends Spot Problems and Perform DIY Repairs

One of the great things about having some auto mechanic know-how is that it can help you pick up on some of the problems going on in a car. Say you’re driving with a friend and the car starts to occasionally vibrate and shake, you might be able to suggest how you and your friend can go about checking the issue. You may also be able to point out the cause of a loud screeching and grinding noise coming from the car, which could be because of a faulty clutch or a loose fan belt.

Whether helping a friend change a flat tire, jump a dead battery, or perform another repair, your knowledge can help you and those around you keep their cars running smoothly. It’s just one of the many perks that come with completing a mechanic class!

Use the Knowledge You Gained in Mechanic Class to Give Friends Great Maintenance Advice

With your knowledge, you might be able to help out your friends by recommending ways to properly maintain their cars. Aside from checking tire pressure, you could recommend other additional helpful tips that your friends might not be aware of. For example, you might want to recommend that they flush their radiators. Over time a radiator can fill up with all kinds of gunk, and that isn’t good for an engine’s cooling system. Be sure to show your friends how to properly drain the coolant and how to pour in the right amount of antifreeze.

Another good piece of DIY car maintenance advice you can give your friends is to change their car’s air filter. Just show them how to open the casing over the filter and how to properly fasten the replacement. Make sure to remind them to wear safety gloves and goggles when working on their cars. This will help to prevent oil or other harmful liquids from burning their hands or getting into their eyes. Safety first!

Your Knowledge Will Come in Handy When Helping Your Friends Buy a Used Car

Buying a used car can sometimes be a gamble for people who don’t know what to look for. Luckily, your friends have you and the training you received at auto mechanic college to help them make a smart decision. Apart from issues with the exterior and interior, remind your friends to check the hoses attached to the radiator to make sure they haven’t gone soft, and check the timing belt to make sure it isn’t cracked or broken.

Knowing how to pick a good used car can save your friends from moments like these...
Knowing how to pick a good used car can save your friends from moments like these…

A test drive is also really important for your friends to see if the brakes are in working order, and also verify whether there are any issues with the clutch pedal if the car is a manual. These are just some of the ways (and some of the tips!) you can offer your friends.

Graduating from a car repair course also opens up the door to all kinds of exciting careers.

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