New Year, New Career: How to Switch Jobs and Become an Auto Mechanic

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A new year is a great time to set goals and start on a path to achieving a dream. If your goals include a brand new job where you can enjoy something you’re passionate about, start 2020 off right by pursuing what you love. A big part of becoming a mechanic is getting the right education—top-notch training will help ensure you appeal to employers and have sharp skills. In fact, in a lot of provinces, like Ontario, it’s not possible to be a mechanic if you haven’t gone through proper training. Read on to learn more about the steps to changing your job and getting on the path to becoming a car mechanic!

How to Find Mechanic Training

When you want to enter the automotive industry, you’re competing against plenty of other car enthusiasts looking to start a new career. You want your training to be high quality and help you to stand out from the crowd at your apprenticeship (if your province requires one) and eventually on the job.

Make sure you find an automotive technology program that has experienced instructors, who can give you the benefit of their experience and earned expertise. In Ontario, you’re required to undergo an apprenticeship. Your training and placement will both allow you to access people with professional experience who know the field well and can give you proper guidance. Mechanic training should offer you practical, hands-on training and ensure that you are equipped for your first day on the job with the knowledge and skills you’ll need. Make sure you choose a school that gives you this.

What to Expect in an Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is required along with your in-school training in the province of Ontario, which offers you a wonderful opportunity. In many professions, an apprenticeship or co-op position is how people learn what happens in the workplace and how to apply what they’ve been taught to the real world. You can connect with mentors at your apprenticeship, and maybe even maintain that connection moving forward into your career. The better you are at building a professional network around you, the more people you have to look to for references and advice. An apprenticeship will give you a chance to earn and learn at the same time, experiencing an environment much like the one you could eventually work in. You’ll get hands-on, real world lessons that complement your time spent in classes.

You’ll get to experience a professional environment in an apprenticeship
You’ll get to experience a professional environment in an apprenticeship

How to Land Your First Job and Become an Auto Mechanic

To become an auto mechanic, you’ll need to put yourself out on the market. You’ll also need to show your great qualities to employers so that they see your value. Make sure you are great at keeping things safe, efficient and clean. Carry yourself as a professional—that means looking the part as well. Your appearance can send signals to employers that you are taking things seriously, know how to be presentable and are generally organized. When you have your training and apprenticeship finished, gather up your confidence and persistence. Sometimes it takes a little while to find the position that is right for you. You may apply to many jobs—and even interview for quite a few—before you find what you’re looking for. Not only does an employer need to choose you, but they also have to fit with what you want. Keep in mind that it’s a two-way street and it’s okay to have questions and make choices that work best for you.

A professional appearance is important for your future career
A professional appearance is important for your future career

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