Understanding Your Role In A Car Dealership After Auto Body Estimating Training

With an auto body estimating diploma, you have various great career options. As discussed in this blog, graduates can find work in various automotive settings, such as independent auto repair shops, insurance companies, and car dealerships. In a dealership setting, an auto body estimator’s role is to help customers navigate repairs after an accident and appraise vehicles for trade-ins. 

If you’re considering auto body estimating training, it’s understandable why a car dealership would be an appealing workplace. Highly profitable, this work environment typically offers a comfortable, pleasant space, with most auto body estimators working from their offices within the dealership. Auto body graduates can expect competitive salaries, too, and the opportunity to help customers with various estimating tasks. Keep reading for an inside look at what this role could be like for you. 

Provide Accurate Trade-in Value for Customers After Auto Body Estimating Training

Car dealerships allow drivers to trade their vehicles in exchange for another, provided the vehicle is in good condition. As an auto body estimating professional, you’re the one who will be responsible for appraising a used vehicle to determine its value and how much the customer may owe the dealership for their new vehicle. This task requires you to conduct several inspections where you’ll use the expertise you’ll develop in auto body estimating training to determine whether a vehicle is worth trading in for your customer. Sometimes, a private sale proves to be more profitable than a trade. As an auto body estimator, it will be your responsibility to advise customers on the best option for them based on their circumstances.

An auto body estimating training grad conducting a car trade-in with a customer.
Estimate vehicle trade-ins after auto body estimating training.

Create and Implement an Effective Quality Inspection Process

Inspections are an integral part of your role as an auto body estimator. They allow you to detect imperfections that are not immediately apparent and get accurate customer estimates. As the expert, you may be responsible for creating an effective inspection process and implementing it as you estimate the costs of repairs. To facilitate this process, you may use industry-standard tools for detecting imperfections on a vehicle, making calculations, reporting, and staying organized throughout the process.

An auto body estimating training grad conducting an inspection and filling out an inspection form.
Create an effective process for inspections after auto body estimating training.

Discuss Options With Customers

Working as an auto body estimator in a car dealership after automotive school, you will be responsible for walking customers through their options as they navigate repairs after an accident. In discussions with your customers, your objective will be to sort through details about an accident to determine what repairs may be needed. Our auto body estimating training program provides an introduction to the industry, material damage procedures, estimating principles, industry software (Audatex Estimating), employment skills, and much more. You’ll be prepared to compete as a highly employable candidate. 

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