Possible Work Environments to Explore After Service Advisor Training

If you’re entering the automotive service industry, there are a variety of different establishments where your skills and expertise will be useful. Automotive service advisors are professionals who act as a liaison between customers and the automotive technicians handling repairs and maintenance. These professionals greet customers, work with them to schedule appointments, obtain information about the desired service, and make recommendations and sales based upon the information they receive. Automotive service advisors possess strong customer service skills, and their strong time management skills and attention to detail allows them to accurately monitor customer account statuses, handle billing charges, carry out after sales follow ups, and more. If you’re considering a career as an automotive service advisor, discover more about the possible work environments in which these professionals can find employment below!

After Service Advisor Training, You Can Work in a Car Dealership

During your service advisor career, one of the environments you might choose to work in is a car dealership. Whether it’s a new car dealership or a pre-owned car dealership, within these businesses auto service advisors work to help customers navigate the repair or maintenance process. Customers who have previously purchased their vehicle at the dealership may come in for servicing, and auto service advisors will maintain contact with customers to ensure that the correct service order is filled. 

Within dealerships, the role of the auto service advisor is often more sales-oriented, as these professionals will be responsible for promoting special deals or services offered by the manufacturer or dealership company in question. If you’re interested in working in a customer-oriented, professional business environment, working at a car dealership could be right for you!

Automotive service advisors may choose to work in a car dealership

Auto Service Advisors Work in a Variety of Repair Facilities

Every repair shop needs a good auto service advisor. After completing your training, you may choose to find employment in a variety of retail or independently owned repair facilities, which may differ in size. At a repair shop, auto service advisors have a varied role. They may guide customers through the payment process, work with them to determine the repair needed, and educate them on what the repair shop has to offer them. If you’re interested in working for an independently owned business, this could be the right work environment for you.

During Your Auto Service Advisor Career, You Can Find Work in a Specialty or Aftermarket Shop

If you’re interested in high-performance vehicles, you’d love working as a service advisor in a specialty or aftermarket auto shop. Within these establishments, auto service advisors work to sell services and parts which are made to enhance the performance of sports cars and other luxury vehicles, using their industry expertise to help customers obtain the desired upgrade to their vehicle. After service advisor training, consider working in an aftermarket or specialty automotive shop if you want to learn more about the luxury vehicle industry.

Consider working in an aftermarket shop if you’re passionate about high-performance vehicles

Rental Companies Hire Auto Service Advisors

Another area of the auto industry where auto service advisors are needed are vehicle rental companies. Within vehicle rental companies, auto service advisors will fulfill customer rental requests and work with customers to find a vehicle that suits their travel needs. Auto service advisors will schedule rentals, act as a point of contact for customers, and ensure that customers have the information they need about the types of rental vehicles and plans available to them. With their skills, auto service advisors can ensure repeat business and customer satisfaction at any car rental company. 

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