Why More Women Will Want to Consider a Professional Mechanic Career in 2022

If you’re looking for a rewarding and hands-on career that you can feel proud of, then you might want to consider training to become a mechanic in 2022. Within the automotive industry, women typically make up about 3 to 4% of auto mechanics in Canada and the US. However, those numbers may very well change in the coming years, as more and more women join the field.

At ATC Cambridge, you’ll get hands-on training and experience in how to service different vehicles, which will help equip you with the skills you need to launch a successful and rewarding auto mechanic career. 

Read on to find out why you might want to become a mechanic in 2022!

If You Love Cars, it’s a Chance to Pursue Your Passion

If you love cars, then 2022 could be the perfect time for you to pursue your passion. It’s a bit of a stereotype that most of the people who love cars are men. However, if you have a passion for cars, you’re not alone. In fact, women are the ones purchasing approximately 65% of new vehicles. Whether you like tinkering on old cars, keeping up on the latest releases, or simply want a career that is anything but your typical 9 to 5 office job, then you might want to become an auto mechanic

If you love cars, you’re not alone

Demand for Auto Mechanic Careers Is Holding Steady

When it comes to pursuing a professional mechanic career, it’s worth knowing what employment prospects look like for new graduates. It’s no secret that trades professionals are valued across the country. So what do things look like for aspiring mechanics specifically? According to the Government of Canada, demand for qualified mechanics is expected to hold steady in the coming years. It states that “As job openings and job seekers are projected to be at relatively similar levels over the 2019-2028 period, the balance between labour supply and demand seen in recent years is expected to continue over the projection period.” With demand projected to hold steady for the coming years, students beginning their training now can look forward to entering a job market that will be in need of their skills.

The career outlook for auto mechanics is solid

Salary Prospects Are Solid 

When you pursue a career as an auto mechanic, you can feel good knowing that your choice offers both job stability and good salary prospects. What do the numbers look like? The average salary for an auto mechanic in Canada is $57,770 per year. Qualified auto mechanics who have no experience and who are starting with an entry-level position get to earn an average salary of $48,750 per year. From there, professionals can anticipate steady growth as they gain experience and work their way up the career ladder. Experienced mechanics can make up to $86,533 per year. 

Of course, your ambitions can take you even further. You could look into becoming your own boss and opening up your own shop, for example. Whether you want to become a leader in your community, inspire the next generation of young mechanics, or simply pursue a career that you can feel proud of, there’s a lot to look forward to if you decide to train to become a mechanic in 2022!

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