Why More Women Should Consider Dispatcher Training

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The transportation industry has both a history and a stereotype of being male-dominated, which can discourage women from considering training for a transportation career. A changing workforce, however, provides ample opportunity and possibilities for a successful career. This thriving sector is looking to boost the number of women working in the field, which according to some estimates could increase revenues.

If you’re wondering which career to pursue, here are a few reasons why you may want to consider dispatcher training.

Career Opportunities and Representation

When people think of the transportation industry, they often think of a truck driver, hauling deliveries back and forth. There are, however, many important positions and many different career paths available, from fleet management to operations, including dispatch work. For women interested in an operations role, dispatcher courses offer a good opportunity to train in communication and management, and provide a vital means of support to make sure day-to-day operations run smoothly.

Approximately 18 per cent of dispatching roles are currently occupied by women. Compared to the 48 per cent national average, this is a number that many are looking to change. Representation in any workforce is important because it allows different people with different perspectives to solve problems, as well as engage and support each other. The more presence women have in fields they are under-represented in, the richer the experience of the workplace for everyone.

Labour Shortages and Job Opportunities After Auto Schools

A recent study from the Canadian Trucking Alliance has shown that trends in the industry point to a shortage in skilled labour, mainly due to an aging workforce. This means there are a lot of open positions, as well as potential for career growth and professional development in a field with stable job security. As the current workforce ages and retires, more opportunities will open up, and the industry needs skilled labour no matter if the worker is a man or a woman.

Workers in the transportation industry are in high demand
Workers in the transportation industry are in high demand

Auto schools offer valuable training to equip dispatchers to address the variety of demands, from driver communication to record-keeping and equipment monitoring. The transportation industry has many moving parts, and can offer a world of opportunity for ambitious professionals looking for a stimulating career.

Enjoy a Close-Knit and Communicative Support Network

Transportation can be a demanding industry, driven by delivery deadlines and complications on and off the road. For those who choose a role in dispatch operations, they serve in an incredibly important capacity, facilitating the statuses of drivers as well as their deliveries. Dispatchers are often the only means of communication for drivers on the road, and keeping in close contact boosts the natural support system which binds transport workers together. They are the backbone in any transport company, and for women who are excellent communicators and organizers, a career as a dispatcher offers many challenges, yet many rewards as well.

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