How to Win Over New Customers When You Become a Mechanic

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When you finish auto mechanic training, you’ll have the skills and experience necessary to work on major and minor repairs on brake systems, suspensions, engines, and more. The only thing you’ll need is customers with cars that need fixing.

Whether you find yourself working at an established shop that already has a large and longstanding base of clients, or eventually going into business and starting your own shop, it’s incredibly valuable knowing how to bring in new customers. That could mean getting involved in the community, asking existing customers for referrals, or using the internet to help potential customers find you and your shop. Regardless of which strategy works best for you and your shop, there’s a lot that you can do to get the word out and provide your garage with a steady stream of new business.

For anyone who wants to become a mechanic or is considering auto mechanic training, here are some useful tips for winning over new customers.

Get Involved in the Local Community

One thing you can do to attract local customers is to get involved with the community. This can take many different forms depending on what you think will work in your particular area and what resources you have, but some examples include participating in local parades or fairs, contributing auto advice columns to newspapers or other local publications, or offering free clinics in your shop to teach people in the community basic car maintenance skills. You can also offer workshops to schools, scout troops, or any other local organizations that might be interested in learning about car maintenance. Gaining more exposure in your community is a great way to get your business’s name out and win the trust of potential customers.

Ask Customers for Referrals When You Become a Mechanic

The customers a business already has can be one of its most valuable resources in gaining new customers. When you become a mechanic, make sure every satisfied customer leaves the shop with business cards they can provide to their friends and family, and let them know the importance of referrals to your shop. You can also consider starting an official referral program, offering rewards such as discounts or free tune-ups to anyone who refers a certain number of new customers to your shop.

Referrals can be great for bringing in new business
Referrals can be great for bringing in new business

Reach New Customers Online After Finishing Your Auto Mechanic Courses

The internet can be a great way for people in auto careers to reach new customers. Make sure your shop has a good web presence across social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Social media can be a very valuable tool not only for keeping up with existing customers and seeing what people are saying about your shop, but also for rolling out new promotions and presenting information about your shop and services in an easily accessible way.
Some auto shops also use online tutorials in the form of YouTube videos or blog posts to capture the interest of potential customers and build trust in their business.

Find Partnerships with Other Local Businesses

Another good way to find new customers is to start a partnership with other local businesses whose customers might also be in need of car repairs. This could mean local towing companies, gas stations, car washes, or auto detailers. Ask around to find which companies might agree to offer referrals in exchange for a small commission or for mutual referrals from your shop.

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