Why Auto Mechanic Careers in Montreal Are Highly Stable 

If you’re looking for a career that can offer you stability and the opportunity to raise your standard of living with competitive salaries, a job as an auto mechanic might be the perfect choice for you. As a job seeker in Montreal, you can enjoy a rewarding, well-paying auto mechanic job after receiving the right training at ATC Montreal. Here are just some of the reasons you can count on this practical career path. 

Auto Mechanic Careers in Montreal Are in High Demand 

According to recent projections, it’s expected that 700,000 Canadian skilled trades workers are expected to retire between the years 2019 and 2028. That’s a massive skills gap that may take some time to fill. In addition to mass retirements in the field, young Canadians seeking to start their careers often overlook the trades as an option. Many wrongly assume that the trades are less valuable than white-collar careers, despite the fact that the skills of tradespeople are invaluable in many areas of modern life. If cars already interest you, getting the skills you need to become an auto mechanic will open up many opportunities in an essential, hands-on industry.

Retirement has caused a labour gap in auto mechanic careers in Montreal.

Auto Mechanic Skills Will Be Needed as Long as People Drive Cars 

Auto mechanic careers will be in demand as long as people drive vehicles to get around, and this is unlikely to change. In addition to the significant skill gap we’re seeing within the industry, auto mechanics bring highly specialized knowledge to the table, and the tasks they complete are yet to be replaced by technology. As the industry changes and new hybrid vehicles and EVs emerge on the market, the role of the auto mechanic will evolve. We’ll likely see more opportunities in the industry as new technologies emerge and drivers will continue to rely on the expertise of mechanics to service their new vehicles. 

The Canadian government is promoting auto repair programs in an effort to get more workers in the field.

Government Incentives Are Making it Easier for Auto Mechanics to Start Working 

To meet the demands of the auto industry, the Canadian government has provided many incentives to aspiring auto mechanics, making it easier for them to begin their careers. For example, the government has launched a campaign to educate career seekers on the benefits of working in the skilled trades and notify them of the many job opportunities available within each sector. According to the government, there are over 10,000 job openings for auto service technicians. Many new auto repair programs are now available to career seekers across the country and financial support is being offered so that auto mechanic students can focus on their studies. 

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