3 Characteristics Of An Excellent Independent Collision Estimator

As long as cars are on the road, collision estimators will remain in demand. When accidents happen, auto collision estimators are the ones in charge of estimating the damage a car suffered and determining the number of repairs needed. Although that may sound like a simple task, an inaccurate estimate could lead to customer dissatisfaction, delays in repairs, increased costs, and insurance issues, among other problems. To avoid that, collision estimators must possess a variety of skills and knowledge in order to perform their job effectively.

If you have been considering this career path, chances are you already possess some of the characteristics needed to succeed as an independent worker in the industry. Keep on reading to determine if a career as an independent collision estimating specialist is for you. 

1. A Good Collision Estimator Pays Great Attention to Detail

Whether you decide to work independently or for a company, attention to detail is an essential skill you’ll need in order to make a name for yourself. As a collision estimator, it will be your responsibility to carry a thorough inspection of the vehicle to record any possible damage, and assess the repairs that are needed. Although it is likely that you have a pre-made checklist, you’ll have to look closely at the vehicle and write down all the little details in order to submit an in-depth report. If you are working independently, great attention to detail will help you establish better relationships with your clients, as you will be the bridge between them and their insurance companies. Keep in mind that insurance companies will rely on your report to provide accurate and appropriate coverage for policyholders.

Collision Estimator evaluating a damaged car
As an independent collision estimator, you will use your skills to create accurate reports.

2. Time Management and Communication Skills Are Key

No matter what industry you are in, time management and communication skills are essential if you want to become an independent worker. Though working as an independent collision estimator will give you the freedom to make your own schedule, effective time management skills will help you allocate the right amount of time per consultation. You will have to create an action plan to ensure all the necessary assessments, reports and orders are completed on time to meet your next appointment.

Good communication skills will be needed not only to ask customers questions about the vehicle and the accident, but also to explain to them what is happening with their car. During collision estimator training you will learn about vehicle construction and damage analysis. This will provide you with the technical knowledge needed to communicate with both customers and insurance companies.

Collision estimating graduate analyzing repair cost estimates
After auto estimating training you will be prepared to work independently and manage your own time.

3. Hands-On Experience Acquired Through Auto Estimating Training

Practical, hands-on experience is a must to become a successful independent collision estimator. During our auto estimating training program, you will learn the theory and practice of the profession. Here, you will work under direction of our expert instructors. This will allow you to get familiar with basic and advanced tasks. Upon graduation, you will have the knowledge and confidence needed to complete a hand written or computerized damage report. 

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