Considering Auto Mechanic School? What You Should Know About AutoLeap Software

Auto mechanic schools provide hands-on training to aspiring auto mechanics. But beyond the scutwork in oil and grease-stained work floors, it is equally important to learn about the everyday management aspects of mechanic workshops. 

In an era when the traditional workplace increasingly adopts digital solutions to everyday work applications, auto repair shop owners have taken the cue. So it is, therefore, no surprise that auto repair software is making the rounds today. 

AutoLeap is one of the leading auto repair software used by many mechanics, customers, and top training schools. Our auto mechanic training program helps budding mechanics acquire critical workplace skills, competencies, and software proficiency—AutoLeap inclusive. This blog discusses AutoLeap and its impact on the auto repair industry. 

About AutoLeap

AutoLeap is a powerful multifunction SaaS software that helps auto repair facilities and shop owners manage their businesses more effectively. This software combines an impressive mix of organization and management features with a seamless user interface.

Its packed feature list includes tools for scheduling appointments, managing technical teams, inspecting vehicles, generating accurate estimations and invoices, etc. With Autoleap, mechanics can better manage their workshop activities in a way that provides increased value to their customers and their business.

What You Can Do With AutoLeap After Automotive Training

Here’s a brief description of the important tasks you can achieve with AutoLeap during and after your automotive training:

  • Schedule customer appointments: set up appointments with customers and assign mechanics to specific jobs. Notify customers via email or text and send reminders to mechanics. 
  • Carry out digital inspection: use the well-designed Digital Vehicle Inspection feature to make incisive vehicle examinations and record findings. 
  • Carry out accurate estimates: collect and use relevant data from vehicle history, technician labour times, and servicing costs to estimate vehicle repair charges accurately. 
A hand drafting invoices after auto mechanic school
As taught in automotive training, the AutoLeap software can be used to draft electronic invoices for easier payment of bills
  • Draft invoices: draft paperless and well-detailed invoices that can be digitally forwarded to customers. This way, the customers can settle their bills with ease. 
  • Organize and manage workflows: use expansive WorkBoard inputs to visualize your auto repair business via a 360-degree view. 
  • Improve team communication: facilitate seamless communication between your team of mechanics. Relay important information across the board and always keep your team updated.

Why Do Auto Repair Businesses Choose AutoLeap?

In the past, mechanics and auto repair technicians relied on crude paper-based means to carry out everyday activities like invoice generation, estimation, etc. They had to undertake a series of repetitive tasks and organize important workshop activities in ways that could have been more convenient, faster, and more accurate.

Auto-repair software providers like AutoLeap have introduced a means to make the management process more efficient. As you’ll discover in auto mechanic school, it has digitized many workshop processes that would ordinarily leave a considerable paper trail. 

An auto repair shop owner sitting in his office and operating a computer after auto mechanic school
AutoLeap helps to make auto repair shops more efficient after automotive training

With its inaugural 2022 State of the Auto Repair Industry Report, AutoLeap broke new ground in the auto repair industry. This extensive report surveyed about 300 shop owners in the United States and Canada, collecting data on the industry’s most important subjects.

This benchmark report has proven valuable to several auto shop owners in making key business decisions about shop management. And then there’s the massive $18 million Series A round funding led by Bain Capital Ventures to mark growing interest in the vast potential of this software. All of the above points to a software that has continued to enjoy sustained patronage from a long list of satisfied auto repair shops, customers, and shareholders.

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