What Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Mechanics Know So Far About the 2024 Honda Prologue

What will soon be Honda’s first electric vehicle sold in Canada, the 2024 Prologue is the model that adventurers and city-dwellers alike have been waiting for. With a platform manufactured in collaboration with General Motors, the Prologue is Honda’s first step in its move toward electrification. It’s also joining a market of vehicles that have recently grown in popularity – fully electric SUVs. The 2024 Prologue has been manufactured utilizing Honda’s latest technology, the Honda e:Architecture, marking the beginning of a series of EVs to be manufactured using this platform. 

If you’re considering a career as a hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic, you’ll want to know everything there is to know about the 2024 Prologue, as its innovative design process and function is setting a precedent for EVs to come. Below, discover all that we know so far about this vehicle.

In a hybrid and electric mechanic course, you may explore the use of VR in designing EVs

The Design Process Behind the Prologue

Unlike many of Honda’s models, the Prologue was designed at the Los Angeles Honda Design Studio, where a team of designers worked together with the Honda design team in Japan to bring this vehicle to life. The 2024 Prologue is a product of virtual collaboration, in which virtual reality was utilized exclusively to bring the design to life. The Prologue was tested in a number of virtual 3D environments, allowing designers to see how it performed and determining what changes were needed. The use of virtual reality also allowed designers to explore a greater range of options in the design, maximizing its aerodynamics and calibrating the body to allow for better range. If you’re interested in a career as a hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic, it’s likely that you’ll see virtual reality being used in the design of more electric vehicles in the future.

A Look at Range, Battery and Styling for the Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Mechanic

Those in a hybrid and electric mechanic course will quickly notice that the Prologue was designed to maximize range, with optimized aerodynamics and the use of GM’s EV platform and Ultium batteries expanding the possibilities. The Prologue has a range of 523 kilometers, and is equipped with a 400 volt battery pack with a 100kWh capacity. Its maximum charging power will be around 11.5 kW (AC)/190 kW (DC). As for the driver’s experience behind the wheel, Honda is promising a comfortable ride, responsive steering and an intuitive braking system.

The Prologue will have a range of 523 kilometers

When it comes to styling, the use of virtual reality to design the Prologue has permitted some unique features. The Prologue has a futuristic look and feel, with sleek lines, long wheelbases, narrow headlights and a short overhang. Overall, the Prologue looks clean and modern, with a design that embodies Honda’s modern approach to the EV.

The Future of Honda’s EVs

The 2024 Prologue is just the beginning of Honda’s transition from internal combustion engines to EVs. Honda’s goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 is influencing its future manufacturing plans, and the company has committed to introducing 30 new EVS around the world by 2030, producing a total of 2 million units. Honda has specified their plans for the North American market already, promising to sell an estimated 500,000 EVs there by 2030. In 2026, it will begin the production and sale of new models using the Honda e:Architecture, and in 2027, it will start a new series of EVs, prioritizing affordability. As part of this rollout, Honda is working with dealers to gear up for the pivot toward EVs. 

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