What Automotive School Students Should Know About Vehicle Recalls 

If you’re striving towards a career as an auto mechanic, your clients may experience a vehicle recall from time to time and may have questions about their rights in this situation. You’ll want to be able to provide them with the right information in order to ensure their safety and satisfaction with your service. 

Vehicle recalls happen for a couple of reasons. Most commonly they are the result of a safety concern but recalls can also occur voluntarily because of mistakes in manuals, or risk of minor injuries like a window switch with sharp edges for example. In more serious cases, automakers are forced to recall vehicles as a result of safety investigations done by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). The press usually gets involved in these situations to alert consumers of potential safety risks associated with a vehicle. But once your clients know that their vehicle needs to be recalled, what happens next? Read on to find out.

After Automotive School, Let Your Clients Know that Recalls Should Be Dealt With Immediately 

Automakers don’t want to recall their vehicles, so when they do it’s most commonly for safety reasons. Because these cars could pose a risk to their drivers and others on the road, the clients you work for after automotive school should be notified that vehicle recalls should be addressed immediately. Automakers are responsible for notifying drivers of any recalls and car owners will receive letters within sixty days of the recall. So, what should drivers do once they receive notice of a vehicle recall? 

Inform your clients that vehicle recalls should be addressed immediately.

What Should Your Clients Do When Their Vehicles Are Recalled?

Recall letters detail step-by-step instructions for drivers to follow. These instructions should be read carefully and often request that drivers schedule an appointment with the dealership for a repair or even a replacement vehicle. While independent mechanics can complete the necessary safety repairs, most drivers prefer to take their recalled vehicles to their manufacturer so that the repair can take place under the recall campaign and be paid for by the automakers. 

These manufacturing companies often hire mechanics who repair and refurbish their vehicles. Do you see yourself working as a mechanical repairer at a manufacturing company? It’s a lucrative position with competitive salaries and the opportunity to gain valuable experience in a niche of the automotive industry! 

After auto mechanic training, working for a manufacturing company is a unique opportunity.

What Else Are Drivers Entitled to? 

In the event of a vehicle recall, automakers usually only cover the cost of the repair or issue a replacement. That being said, when repairs are expected to take several days or essential parts are unavailable, manufacturers might offer access to a no-cost loan vehicle until the repair has been completed. In addition, many drivers who own used vehicles forget to register their cars with their manufacturer in order to get up-to-date information. This is a valuable reminder to offer your clients when you’re a working auto mechanic. With our hands-on, in-shop auto mechanic training, you can be a part of the repair process in order to get vehicles back up to standard and ensure the safety of the public. 

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