Want to Work for a Trucking Company After Dispatching School? 3 Things to Look Out For 

The trucking industry, in many ways, represents the backbone of our economy, transporting valuable goods and commodities across the country. If you’re interested in putting your managerial skills to use in the transportation sector and want to enjoy the job security this field offers, dispatching school is the perfect starting point for your career. 

What qualities should you look for in a trucking company after you’ve developed all of the necessary skills to enter the workforce? The answer to that question depends on your personal preferences, but there are some basic must-haves that all future transportation workers should watch for. Let’s explore some of the key factors to keep in mind during your job search, as well as some of the top trucking companies to keep on your radar!

1. Look For Trucking Companies That Value Work-Life Balance 

Especially when we’re considering traditional transport trucking companies, long hours are often part of the job. When you’re beginning your search for a dispatching position, it’s easy to forget the importance of work-life balance but including this in your criteria during job searching can set you up for career success. How so? Work-life balance has been found to reduce workers’ susceptibility to burn-out, a state of extreme exhaustion that can adversely affect your productivity for months on end. After graduating from one of our dispatcher schools, look for companies that seem to value their workers, are well managed, and provide reasonable avenues for rest and recuperation. 

After dispatch school, look for a trucking company that values work-life balance.

2. Watch Out for Companies that Suit Your Salary and Benefits Preferences 

Before beginning your job search, be sure to solidify what sort of salary you’ll need to be comfortable with and what sort of benefits you’ll need your job to provide. Annual salaries for dispatching careers are about $37,000 for entry-level positions but with more experience, you can expect to earn as much as $56,000. After dispatch school, be sure to look out for companies that offer salaries within the industry standard and benefits packages that suit your needs. 

3. Look For Trucking Companies That Value Quality Over Quantity After Dispatch School 

Of course, every trucking company wants to optimize its profitability by dispatching the largest possible number of loads. With that being said, as a dispatcher, being overloaded with hundreds of drivers to manage at once might cause you to sacrifice your attention to detail and create a higher likelihood of costly mistakes. On the driver’s side of things, an excessive amount of loads could compromise the quality of their work and lead to expensive property damage, which could create a negative effect on work-life balance. Look for a trucking company that is profitable but focuses on optimizing quality for the sake of its customers and workers.

Make sure the company values quality.

Some Great Trucking Companies to Consider 

So what are some trucking companies to consider if you’re looking to launch a career in the transportation industry? Based on employee reviews, these are some of the top-rated trucking companies for Canadians:

  • Bison Transport 
  • Mullen Trucking Corporation 
  • Modular Transportation
  • TFI International 
  • Erb Group 
  • Trimac Transportation 

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