Want to Become a Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Mechanic? Your Quick Guide to Smart EV Charging

Automakers and innovators in the hybrid and EV fields are working hard to make electric vehicles more appealing and accessible to the average driver. EV drivers want to be able to charge their vehicles anywhere, and they also value ease of use. Drivers expect transparency when it comes to charging availability and peak pricing times. Smart charging is a solution that’s been put forward by industry leaders to meet buyer needs. What is smart charging? What are the benefits? How might this technological advancement affect those seeking a career in the EV industry? Keep reading to find out!

What Is Smart EV Charging? 

Smart charging uses AI to manage when and how an electric vehicle will receive energy based on a variety of factors. With smart charging, the timing and manner of EV power depend on the current cost and availability of electricity, in addition to the needs and preferences of drivers. How does this all work? When a driver plugs a vehicle into a smart charger, a communication session between the car and the charging station begins using data.

After hybrid and electrical mechanic training, you’ll notice improved user experience through technologies like smart charging.

Drivers can enhance the convenience of the experience by registering with a smart charging provider. In this case, their vehicle will be automatically recognized by the charging device. The battery charge in the vehicle is monitored, the optimum energy utilization is determined, and the vehicle is charged. Finally, the driver is billed based on the terms they’ve agreed to–a process not so different from ordering an Uber. It’s convenient, quick, and tailored to each driver’s experience. After hybrid and electrical mechanic training, you’ll notice that user experience is becoming a central part of EV innovation. 

The Benefits of Smart Charging for EVs

When an EV is plugged into a smart charging station, a communication session not only begins between the vehicle and the charging station but also between the charger, other chargers, the infrastructure, the provider’s smart charging and energy management platform, and the grid. The result is a centralized system that enables drivers to enjoy a seamless charging experience that can be monitored and managed through an intuitive application. 

Smart charging apps will allow drivers to reserve charging stations ahead of time, identify available charging stations in real-time, and get route planning and navigation support. Drivers will also be able to track their transactions and manage payments on these apps. 

Fleet managers will also benefit greatly from smart charging as logistics companies move towards electrification. For example, based on daily tasks, energy, and availability, fleet managers will be able to create charging schedules that work for their companies. 

Other auto careers, like fleet management, may utilize smart charging.

How Smart Charging Could Affect Those in Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Training 

As a trained hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic, you will be equipped with the skills to service EVs, meet safety requirements, perform general maintenance, and understand energy systems. After training, you’ll have the option to advance your career through the many positions that will become available in the coming years. Whether you’re interested in mechanical design, repair, manufacturing, or business applications, innovation like smart charging will only increase opportunities for growth in your future career. Start with Hybrid Technology Training in Surrey to start your path to success. 

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