Want a Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Mechanic Career? 3 Resume Tips to Remember

The electric vehicle and hybrid industry is quickly evolving, with many auto manufacturers entering the field. With new electric vehicles constantly being developed comes a need for skilled and qualified hybrid and electric vehicle mechanics. 

If you’re looking to enter this industry as a mechanic, you will need a resume that showcases not only your skills but helps you stand out from your competition. The training you receive will be the first step to setting yourself apart. From there, having a high-quality and well-developed resume will be the key. Read on for some resume-writing tips you’ll want to have handy after completing your hybrid and electrical mechanic training.

1. Draw Focus to Your Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Mechanic Skills and Experience

When creating a resume, it’s important to detail the skills and experience you have. This shows the employer that you will be able to carry out the role that they need. However, this doesn’t mean listing every single skill and piece of experience you may have. It’s essential to go through a job description and determine which of the requirements you meet. Your resume should specifically target the job you’re applying for. 

When applying for hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic positions, be sure to study each job description so you can highlight how your skills match what they’re looking for. For example, if a job needs someone who understands and can work on hybrid and EV transmissions, you can list the skills you acquired in your hybrid and electrical mechanic training. You can also be sure to use the industry-specific keywords from the job description when describing your skills and experience.

Highlight skills learnt for working on electric vehicles during hybrid and electrical mechanic training.

2. Grab Attention With Your Professional Summary

Your professional summary is the first section of your resume that an employer will see. It must be eye-catching and informative. This is an opportunity to provide a short overview of your skillset, experience, and ambitions. This is what will draw the employer to continue reading your resume. The rest of the resume is where you will provide more detail on the information from the professional summary. 

The professional summary is also important because this is where you will specify your ambition to work as a hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic. For example, you might write a professional summary similar to this: “An automotive mechanic with five years of experience. Completed hybrid and electric vehicle training and looking to enter this industry. Possesses extensive knowledge of drivetrain modules and energy storage systems. Customer satisfaction of 98% at my previous position.” This details what you specialize in, the training you did, and your previous experience.

Grab the reader’s attention in the professional summary and highlight your ambition to become a hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic.

3. Include Figures About Work Completed and Success Achieved

When detailing experience and work completed at a previous job, writing about the key metrics you were able to achieve is beneficial. Quantify how much you brought to the company, as this will be a good indicator to a future employer for what you can bring to their company. 

Applying this to your resume could look like this: “Successfully repaired 98% of all electric vehicle transmission problems assigned.” This highlights your training and expertise in repairing electric vehicle transmissions. It’s also likely to grab an employer’s attention more than just stating that you “fixed electric vehicle transmissions.” Be sure to apply figures to as much information as possible to help your resume stand out, even if it doesn’t pertain specifically to hybrid and electric vehicles. 

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