Volvo’s Scalable Product Architecture Innovations

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A scalable product is one which can be enlarged or expanded to accommodate changes within that product. Volvo has incorporated the idea of scalable products into the architectural design of their new 2015 XC90 crossover sports utility vehicle. Volvo is a company which those in auto careers will know is recognized for their safety features and capability. Using scalable product architecture can help improve safety features and continue to make their vehicles the most durable on the road.

How Scalable Architecture Works

Scalable product architecture (SPA), a virtually brand new concept for mechanic colleges, gives designers and engineers liberation from redesigning the shape, size and basic look of the vehicle. A fixed architectural basis for Volvo vehicles means a wide range of cars, powertrains, electrical systems and technologies can all be fitted onto the same architecture. The length and width of the vehicle’s front, middle and rear can all be adjusted, with the front axle to the cabin wall the only fixed area of the vehicle. Essentially, the length and height can be adjusted however necessary for future designs. This leaves designers and engineers the time and capability to devise new design features and improve driveability features, safety features, develop technologies and improve interior space design.

Features of the XC90

The all-new Volvo XC90 will be the first vehicle rolled out by the company which features SPA. Forty percent of the vehicle cage will be made of hot-formed steel, which means improved strength over previous Volvo models—without any added weight. Previous design limitations in areas such as the overhang, wheelbase and height of the front are no longer an issue for the XC90 model due to the SPA design. SPA technology also adds to the Volvo’s driving pleasure by reducing weight and improving weight distribution.

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As a family vehicle, the interior of the XC90 is designed for maximum comfort and safety. Anyone in an auto sales college will know the marketability of vehicles from an auto company which has been called the safest in the world. The company’s signature integrated booster seats are built into the second row, while a child seat is available as an attachment. The interior also has a built-in steering column in case of a front-end crash. Driving technology includes an advanced scanner system with Pedestrian Detection and Emergency Brake Assistance. For added comfort and design, the leather and wood inside the XC90 are all handcrafted, and a climate control system purifies all incoming air with sensors which determine how unclean the air is.


The running lights on the exterior of the vehicle are T-shaped and said to be inspired by Thor’s Hammer, and Volvo has also added silver twin roof rails for cargo capability. The XC90 comes with a variety of four-cylinder engine options, all with the promise of low emissions, excellent fuel economy, and power of up to 400 horsepower. The T8 Twin Engine Hybrid option can travel up to 40km on battery alone, with CO2 emissions of only 60g/km.

To help understand the tone and style of this car, and see a look at it in action, here’s the new Volvo XC90 promotional video:

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