Volvo XC90 Named UK Car of the Year

Volvo XC90 Named UK Car of the Year

Twelve years after being introduced to the world, the Volvo XC90 has just been named U.K. Car of the Year at the 2015 Auto Express Awards in London.

The Volvo XC90 SUV has been praised for both its clean, minimalist design and its amazing high-tech specs. Users note its smooth handling and affordable price tag as only a few of its key sales points. Another is its safety technology features, which this year includes autonomous driving capabilities.

If you’re planning to become an auto mechanic, or have already begun your training, read on to find out what makes the XC90 the top U.K. vehicle of 2015.

What the XC90 Has To Offer

Although the XC90 has been in Volvo’s lineup since 2002, the 2014 and later models have been seriously updates. Today’s XC90 SUVs provide drivers with 320 horsepower and the option of a plug-in electric hybrid engine. The new design also includes double wishbone front suspension and electronically controlled air suspension. Inside the vehicle, Volvo has installed a 9” tablet touch screen and 19 speakers in total complete with air-ventilated subwoofers.

Professionals in auto careers know that above all else, Volvos are most famous for their safety features. The XC90 will include safety features such as:

  • Run-off Road Protection  to tighten belts in the case of impact
  • Intellisafe with City Safety for electronic collision avoidance
  • Automatic Breaking in case the driver turns in front of a moving car

XC90 Leading the Self-driving Auto Trend

Although this Volvo is full of so many features, the most impressive is its self-driving pilot assist.

Volvo’s mandate is to produce safe cars, and the new “pilot assist” feature on the XC90 has been called one of the smartest automobile technologies on the market today. Although drivers can’t legally take their hands off the wheel, the Volvo XC90 can automatically assist drivers who are moving through slow traffic jams, by braking when necessary and keeping the car within the road lines.

Volvo is just one of many auto manufacturers today that is incorporating self-driving technology into its new models. As many automotive technicians likely already know, Honda will be introducing its new Pilot model in 2016, which will include lane keep assist and blind spot detection. Meanwhile, the popular Chevrolet Equinox offers forward collision alert and rear cross traffic alert.

What to Expect From Volvo in 2016

Although Volvo has already released the 2015 Polestar S60 and V60 in Europe, these vehicles will finally be arriving in North America in 2016! The AWD Volvo Polestars gets 345 horsepower and will be available in both sedan and wagon form.

Volvo has also announced that in 2016 they’ll be releasing a new mid-sized sedan similar to the classic S90, as well as a wagon which will revive the same S90 brand.

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