Volvo Seeks Reinvention with New Crossover

auto careersSwedish car manufacturer Volvo has been renowned historically as one of the safest brand of vehicles on the market. Many studying in mechanic colleges may hope to work for such types of companies with great reputations like Volvo.  Many innovations have been spawned by the company, including the three-point seatbelt invented by Volvo engineer Nils Bohlin. Since then, the three-point seatbelt has become a standard safety design of all vehicles in North America and around the world. It is estimated that over one million lives have been saved due to this engineering breakthrough. In 1976 the company designed the rearward-facing child booster seat, still used in vehicles to this day.

The 2015 Volvo XC90

Volvo is planning to unveil its first design since leaving Ford ownership, and sources say this vehicle is going to act as the prototype for Volvos in future years. This crossover vehicle sports some impressive stats: seven-passenger seating, two ton towing capacity, all-wheel drive and more.  We’ll highlight some of the most impressive qualities so far known of this vehicle.

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Intellisafe Technology

Volvo has a mandate to protect users in the case of a crash, but now with their new Intellisafe technology, they plan to stop the crash before it even happens. New safety technology means auto technician training will be necessary to teach current mechanics how to maintain and fix these systems. City Safe technology is installed in the vehicle to scan the streets ahead and warn the driver if a collision is imminent. If the driver does not brake the vehicle themselves, the car’s intelligent system will do so. The intelligent technology of the XC90 also includes a Parking Assist Pilot, which will find a parking spot for you and help you parallel park. The Lane Keeping Aid will alert the driver when they are veering out of their lane, and gently direct the car back on path. Radar units on the corners of the rear bumper alert the driver if there are approaching vehicles or pedestrians.


While some are criticizing the XC90 for its unadventurous exterior, many speculate that this was intentional in order to make way for more design features on future models. Despite the few innovations present on the exterior compared to the rest of the vehicle, the XC90 still asserts an array of neat qualities:

  • Floating radar grille with horizontal slats
  • LED headlights (front and rear)
  • Unique muscular shaping


The interior of the XC90 is what truly makes this Volvo shine. A 360 degree camera on the touch-screen dash makes parking on tight streets a breeze. Pre-activated safety belts tighten in the event of a probable crash, and reset automatically when the danger has passed. The front seats are designed with a unique energy absorbing functionality, helping to reduce spinal injuries in the case of a crash. If you’re in auto sales college and looks are a focus, a key design standpoint is the luxurious cream leather and wood furnishing, and a gear lever made from glass.

To see more of this impressive vehicle, including its hybrid electric motor fuel efficiencies and radar crash prevention technologies, check out this video:

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