The Best Vehicles for Camping, According to Those With Auto Sales Training

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Curious about what cars you can recommend for camping once you become an auto sales professional? This can be a broad category since camping can range from roughing it out in the middle of nowhere to bunking down in a campground with a full range of amenities. Depending on their ultimate camping aims, your clients could either be planning to ford rivers or tow trailers across much smoother terrain.

No matter the sought after experience, though, all vehicles for camping need to have two basic capacities: space for campers as well as their equipment, and the ability to reliably reach dreamy destinations either deep in the wilderness or just a little ways away from the urban jungle. Whether your clients are looking for ultimate off-roaders or champion towing vehicles, there are a number of rides you can recommend to satisfy their adventurous desires. Keep reading to find out what they are!

Rugged SUVs With Ample Storage Space Are a Good Choice for Camping Families

If your clients are looking for something that’s able to deliver good off-road capacity and plenty of storage space, there are a number of great options you can recommend after auto sales college. These include the Subaru Forester and Toyota 4Runner, which both have a lot to offer.

The Forester offers as much ground clearance as the Grand Cherokee along with a solid 74.7 cubic feet of cargo space. What’s impressive about this SUV is that it won’t make long road trips too expensive thanks to its decent fuel economy.

With the Toyota 4Runner, clients can get a whopping 89.7 cubic feet of cargo space as well as a maximum towing capacity of 2,268 kilograms. What makes this vehicle a fun choice is that its back window rolls down, making it perfect for airing out the stench of smelly hiking socks.

Trucks Offer Great Towing and Unique Camping Experiences

If your clients are looking to tow a big trailer or pitch tents off the ground, you may consider recommending a truck for their camping needs. In this category, good choices include the rock crawling Toyota Tacoma and the Ford-250, which can tow big trailers of up to 14,742 kg. Both vehicles offer unique tent-pitching options. Rooftop tents are available for the Tacoma while Ford-250 owners can get a truck tent setup complete with an air mattress that is shaped to fit the bed of the truck. Now that’s innovative camping at its best!

An Honorable Mention Goes Out to the Retro Volkswagen Minibus

No roundup of cars great for camping is complete without at least an honorable mention of the Volkswagen microbus. These iconic homes on wheels available with built-in kitchens and pop-up roofs that turn into beds have been around since the 1950s.

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Aptly called homes on wheels, Volkswagen microbuses are great for leisurely road trips

It’s easy for the lover of the great outdoors to fall head over heels for this car and the incredible freedom it offers. However, those with automotive sales careers should be sure to let aspiring owners know that behind the appeal of the older microbus models lies a low capacity for off-road performance as well as a lot of potential mechanical troubles, making the car more appropriate for a leisurely pace on well-paved roads. That being said, Volkswagen seems to be brewing up a new and innovated model of this classic, so we’ll just have to wait and see what it might bring to the world of camping on wheels.

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