Most Unusual Car Features Ever

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In these technologically obsessed times we live in, it’s not very unusual for cars to come equipped with features like mp3 players, entertainment systems and Bluetooth capability. These things actually come standard on most new vehicles as a response to our growing dependence on technology. However, there are still automobiles that are shipped with wacky features that will still surprise even the most experienced auto mechanic. Here are some of the most unusual car features you’ll find in vehicles today, and some of them are sure to bewilder you.

The Openometer

If you haven’t heard of the openometer, chances are that you’re not alone. The openometer is a hilarious and somewhat useless function introduced to the public on the 2011 Mini Cooper Convertible. It’s a gauge that measures the amount of time you’ve had the convertible top open. Yep, that’s right, it’s basically a timer that tells you how long you’ve been soaking up the rays, cruising the road with the top down. We’re not really sure what the applicability of something like this is outside of bragging about your convertible and explaining your wind-whipped hair, but it’s pretty unique, nonetheless.

Glowing Speakers

A unique feature first widely implemented in certain models of the Kia Soul, many automobiles these days will come with glowing speakers that pulsate and flicker to the beat of your music. While it’s purely an aesthetic choice, this unique feature has actually been linked to many of the recalls of the Soul due to the faulty wiring. So maybe it’s not worth all the hype after all. What’s next, glowing automotive painting?

Perfume Diffusers

Leave it to the Europeans to kick the class of a car up not just one notch, but several. The Fiat 500 is a European city car that’s sure to impress the person of your dreams as it comes with a built in perfume diffuser, allowing you to fill the vehicle with wondrous scents like “Citrus,” “Essence of Night” and “Breath of Fresh Air.” While it may not be the most applicable technology for everyone, it certainly is a breath of fresh air when compared to stale-smelling cars. Plus it would really confuse your automotive technician!

Highway Hi-Fi

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This is one weird feature we wouldn’t be surprised to see make a comeback in the near future, if not only for the sake of nostalgia. Back in the 1950s and 1960s, for a brief period of time it was possible to get a car with a vinyl record player built into the dash! While it was a novel concept to bring music that wasn’t the radio into the automobile, the touchiness and incredibly frequent skipping and dragging of the needle meant that this highway hi-fi system was pretty much unplayable. However, with the recent explosion in popularity of vinyl records, we wouldn’t be surprised to see some purists try and bring this back. Don’t believe it? Check out this video:

So while we may think that things like internet-ready dashboards are a bit strange, looking back on these hilarious and peculiar features will definitely make you think twice.

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