Understanding Customer Service: What You Need to Know in Your Service Advisor Career

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Every business—including a dealership or garage—needs customers to thrive, but it can be difficult to know the right and wrong ways to practice good customer service. Customer service is more than waiting for the customer to come to you with their questions—it also involves being proactive, helpful, and presenting yourself as an expert professional. When customers are happy with your work and service, you increase your chances of them coming back, recommending you to their family and friends, and helping your business build a respectable, positive reputation.
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A Good First Impression Is Important During Your Service Advisor Career

When a customer comes into your business, they want to be reassured that their problems—and their car—will be taken care of quickly, fairly, and efficiently. In order to make them feel as if their time, money, and vehicle are in good hands, it’s important to make a good first impression.

Good customer service can sometimes be as simple as greeting customers
Good customer service can sometimes be as simple as greeting customers

One of the biggest factors in good customer service is customer appreciation. Waiting for long periods of time without being acknowledged and feeling as if they are treated impersonally can make customers less than positive about your service and your business. This is why it’s a good idea to make sure they feel welcomed as soon as they arrive. Even small things such as greeting them when they enter or telling them you’ll be with them shortly as they wait shows customers that you recognize their presence and are keeping them in mind.

The Customer May Not Always Be Right, but Service Advisors Know to Stay Cool

While it may be hard to know how to best handle a difficult customer in the moment, the lessons from your service advisor courses can help you ensure that you’re still providing world-class customer service.

Above all, it’s important to remember that customers are people, just like you. They have their own struggles, stress, and responsibilities to deal with, and they may be afraid of being taken advantage of, especially with something as important as their car.

It’s best to stay calm and always be respectful. Keep your tone as professional and sincere as possible, and try to empathize and understand where your customer is coming from. When they feel as if you’re on their side, you may find that working together with them is far easier than arguing in circles. It also helps to apologize—even if the situation is not your fault, knowing when and how to make a sincere apology can help pacify customers, and make them more willing to listen to you.

Use Your Automotive Service Advisor Training to Be a Good Listener

Speaking of listening, there’s actually much more to it than just hearing what the other person has to say. Your customers want to know that you understand their problems, and active listening can help you anticipate their questions, pay attention to their concerns, and work with them to find a good solution.

Students at ATC can use their training to make sure customers feel respected
Students at ATC can use their training to make sure customers feel respected

In order to show that you’re actively listening and engaged with your customers, draw inspiration from your automotive service advisor training. Try to ask follow-up questions, which keeps the conversation going and makes the customer feel as if their concerns are being heard and understood. If you accidentally interrupt them, allow them to finish their thoughts first—this shows them that you respect what they have to say, and value the information they are sharing with you.

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