Trends in Diesel for the Engine Mechanic

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With diesel finally stepping back into the limelight once again in the automotive world, we’re seeing some interesting diesel trends popping up all over the place. This has resulted in a significant increase in the variety of available automotive careers, from car sales to automotive import and export. However, one of the most impacted sectors of the automotive world has been engine mechanics, who not only have to deal with more work, but a larger variety of duties as well. So if you’ve ever considered embarking on some of the trades training BC offers, now might be a good time to look into automotive programs or emerging opportunities, such as an auto mechanic apprenticeship.

Mechanic for Imported Vehicles

Because of the recent free trade agreement penned between Canada and the European Union, we’re going to start seeing a wealth of European vehicles being imported into Canada – vehicles that have never graced our shores before! This means that we’re going to need skilled and focused individuals to be on the cutting edge of the newest European imports, making sure they know the engines inside and out and can remove and replace them with confidence and ease. Even though we have a variety of diesel vehicles in Canada, the ones we’ll be getting in the next few years will be unlike anything we’ve seen so far.

Check out this great video to learn some more about the history of diesel:

Off-road Diesel Mechanic

ATVs, dirt bikes, dune buggies, you name it – off-roading is now exceptionally popular with not just the youth in Canada, but the older generation as well. Especially in rural areas, off-roading and exploring the back-country roads is increasingly popular. As such, there’s a growing need for mechanics that specialize in the small diesel engines in off-roading vehicles to keep them in tip-top shape. While it may be an excellent side-career or something you can offer in addition to other mechanic work, depending on where you are it might not be plausible to rely solely on being an off-road diesel mechanic as a career.

Hybrid Diesel Mechanic

While hybrids have been popular for a long time, the popularity of diesel hybrids is just starting to accelerate here in North America. Volkswagen has launched one of the better ones with their illustrious Twin Up! diesel hybrid. The Twin Up! sports a 47 hp, 800 cc diesel engine and electric hybrid drive train. It’s notoriously low in emissions, producing a CO2 emission of just 27 g/km. This vehicle comes after a long line of testing with previous version like Volkswagen’s E-Up model.

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Subaru has also made waves with its Viziv-2 diesel hybrid crossover SUV. It includes a brand new diesel hybrid drive train that uses a direct-injection turbo-diesel Boxer engine, plus three electric motors to power the long, luxurious passenger vehicle clocking in at over 4.4 meters long! Designed to appeal to urban families living active lifestyles, it’s one of the cleanest, most efficient SUVs ever made, and its stylish design is certainly turning heads as well.

So whether it’s replacing the engine on an ATV or souping up someone’s diesel hybrid, diesel mechanics are certainly going to be reaping the benefits of this surge in popularity one way or another.

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